DMC Model(s) of the Day: Kyosho DMC Exclusive BMW Motorsports 3-car set…

We here at Lamley are preparing our brains for an influx of BMWs starting this weekend.  Submissions for the very first Lamley Custom Contest are rolling in, and after the 24th we will get down to going through them and picking a winner.  Customs have to start as the Hot Wheels BMW E30, so we will be looking at a lot coming up.

So we might as well prepare ourselves by getting in the BMW spirit and show off some beauties.  We got this set from Daboxtoys (DMC) a few weeks ago and have really been looking forward to showing it.  All three cars come from the current Kyosho BMW set, only this is the only way to just get the models that pay homage to BMW Motorsport.  The set was made solely for Daboxtoys, and can be a very worthy introduction to Kyosho for a lot of collectors.

What these models lack in toy track speed, they more than make up in looks.  Being racing models, they need to be precise, and in true Kyosho fashion they are.  It is hard to pick a winner, but the M1 gets a nod for good looks, and the M3 GTR for sheer detail.  The signature Motorsport striping is there and wonderfully applied as well.

I have a top shelf in my office that houses some of my current models.  Maybe finds, maybe something in the mail, but all ready to be photographed.  Whenever I clean that shelf off, I find myself putting away more and more Kyoshos.  I have been sucked in.  One day I will figure out a good way to display a few of them.  Until then I am very happy to compile a few.

If you haven’t jumped in the Kyosho pool, I suggest you do…

(The BMW Motorsport set can be found at the DMC store and on ebay…)

Kyosho BMW Motorsport Set:

BMW M1 Gr. 5

BMW Z4 Coupe

BMW M3 GTR 2005 Nurburgring 24th No.1

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  1. Wow! Just wow! That's an amazingly beautiful trio of BMW cars. Absolutely gorgeous. And full of motorsport racing spirit. Sad then, because I don't collect Kyoshos.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. Now you've said you're trying to become all of us Kyosho followers, so… why don't you post a pic of the Kyosho vs. Hot Wheels versions? I think it would help 😉


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