The Lamborghini Veneno as customized by Lim Rikmun and Ernest Li…

When Lamborghini unveiled the Veneno at the Geneva Motor Show this year, I am sure a few of us diecast nerds read about it, ogled over it, formed good and bad opinions about it, and at some point asked ourselves “I wonder if (insert diecast manufacturer here) is going to make this one?”

But then there is Lim Rikmun of Malaysia and Ernest Li of Hong Kong.  We have featured their work several times here before, and we will surely continue to do so.  While we were wondering what maker might do the Veneno, Lim and Ernest asked themselves “How can I make one?”

Well as many of us followed on Facebook, both tackled the project, turning a standard Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador into the wild-looking Veneno.  We are very proud to feature both here.  

This is not to compare, just to show the work of two very talented artists.  We here at Lamley will admit to just a bit of jealousy…

(Thanks Lim.)

(Thanks Ernest.)

The real thing:

Lamborghini Veneno by Lim Rikmun:

This is so far the most extreme custom I ever made.I made it as a challenge to over lap my limit in customizing Hotwheels.I always wanted to challenge my limit and when the Lamborghini Veneno is debuted,I knew it was the time.It took me more than 5 days just on the body.Scratchbuilding the body is no easy job.At one point I even thought of giving up,But after much research,I knew its possible.Just the matter of time.The rear,side and front hood is the most challenging.Every part of it has it own difficulty.I take my time to think and research to see which part is similar to the base car,the Aventador.After much scrathcbuilding and sanding,head scratching,injured hand,blood and sweats,the end result I see when its totally bare,without paint on it,I feel super satisfied,after much more refinement,I spend whole day to paint the car and detailing and the result,for me,is totally better than my expectations.I have nothing more to say on this Veneno and for me,its already worth more than any other cars in my collection.

Lamborghini Veneno by Ernest Li:

9 Replies to “The Lamborghini Veneno as customized by Lim Rikmun and Ernest Li…”

  1. Even though the real car created by Lamborghini was more on the hideous side, Ernest and Rikmun did a very good job recreating it.

  2. I'm not a big fan of the 1:1 car, but I admire the craftsmanship of the HW version. It is truly unbelievable. The crazy part is that he made it look like it was already casted. I scratchbuilt some cars and let me tell you, it is no easy task. You not only have to sculpt it to the desired look, but to also make sure the structural integrity is there. You are basically casting your own car, by hand. The fact that he stuck in there with this one is highly commendable.

  3. Probably one of THE BEST customizations I have ever seen done on such short notice with regard to the debut of this Lamborghini.

    All of this based off of a couple of photos?


    If (and when) Mattel decides to release a version of this, I do hope that they consult this guy and his customizations for reference.

    Take care,



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