Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2011 Toy Fair ’69 COPO Corvette…

I tend to blabber on a lot.  For a model of this magnitude, let’s keep it simple…


Hot Wheels ’69 COPO Corvette (2011 Toy Fair Exclusive):

(HW ’69 COPO for sale on ebay, and find the Toy Fair for a great price here…)

The Family:

2011 FE blue

2011 FE white

2011 FE black

2012 Corvette 5-pack

2012 Multipack exclusive

2012 Hot Wheels Racing

2013 Flying Customs

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2011 Toy Fair ’69 COPO Corvette…”

  1. The toy fair model is by far the best they have ever made of that casting.

    It's all the details that make it so nice!


  2. A very American model.

    To me it is just a Vette with good detail, but that it about it.

    Outside of the US, unless you have a vested interest in Americana, there is nothing special about this model.

  3. A shame you feel that way. Here in the US, we have interest in high performance cars from other parts of the world seperate from us. And we are voracious collectors of such gems.

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