Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels "non-Super" mainline Toyota 2000GT and other HW JDM news…

Another quick check-in, this time to show you the first images of the fantastic Toyota 2000GT “Non-Super” mainline edition.  Batch J is hitting in several areas overseas, and our Lamley friends who are fortunate enough to find the batch pegged in stores are sharing their finds with us on our Facebook Page (If you haven’t joined us there, we hope you do…).

The model we have been most curious about is the Toyota 2000GT.  We have seen the Super, but what about its standard mainline version?  Well, now, thanks to one of our Lamley friends, we can take a gander:

We figured this was just about what it would look like, having seen the Super before.  The only question was what wheels would be used, and MC5’s got the nod.  Good choice.   Also, it was revealed that the model would have a running change from a metal base to plastic. We have heard that the Supers being found have the metal base, but this version is plastic. Whether that will stay consistent is unknown at this point. We are looking forward to getting both this model AND the Super for some of that good old Lamley Treatment.

But Hot Wheels JDM fans, that is not all the news.  Some other sites have shown a recolor of the R34 Skyline, and sure enough the black version is also in Batch J.  We haven’t gotten found any decent loose pics, so we will wait until we have it in hand.  But it is black and has orange PR5’s.

We have also learned that one of our favorite 2013 New Models, the ’70 Toyota Celica, will appear soon recolored in stock yellow.  We assume it will look very similar to this beauty:

We hope to see it soon…

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  1. Wow! That 2000GT looks super-cool! Going to collect this and the T-H version also. Same with the Celica and the Skyline as well. Its as if though Matchbox's half heart, soul and brain has been transferred into Hot Wheels. We are getting everything from old classic and modern Japenese cars to old and new US muscle cars to all the European exotics and EVERYTHING in-between. Go Hot Wheels!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. Where did you get these interesting stuff? That yellow Toyota Celica looks sturdy and it sure looks promising! The 70's surely patented that era with muscle cars. It also reminds me of the movie “Death Race”. Such engine power, and the way its engine roars is magnificent!

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