Surprise! Matchbox 60th Anniversary Batch C and HW DC Comics Pop Culture are now available at Wheel Collectors…

Just a quick check-in to let my friends know that the delivery truck had to back into the Wheel Collectors offices today.  The reason?  They had full deliveries of both Matchbox 60th Anniversary Batch C and Hot Wheels DC Comics Pop Culture.

While the DC Comics batch looks cool, we here at Lamley are all about the Matchbox 60th Anniversary models, especially with the Routemaster Bus and Aston Martin DBS Volante in the mix.  We should have them shortly, and they will surely get the full First Look treatment.

In the meantime, you can snag these models for yourself at Wheel Collectors, and be sure mention Lamley to get a 10% discount on your entire order…

See all the models in these batches here:

Matchbox 60th Anniversary Batch C for sale…

Hot Wheels Pop Culture DC Comics for sale…

6 Replies to “Surprise! Matchbox 60th Anniversary Batch C and HW DC Comics Pop Culture are now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. It's a crime such a big piece of plastic ends up in the 60th Anniversary line. I like emergency vehicles and it's nice there are deluxe warning tampos on this ambulance. I'm still looking more forward to the white Euro fire truck with the chevrons.

  2. This is the best DC set yet. Joker on the Champ? Batman on the '55 Panel? Catwoman on the Cool One? And the rest? YES PLEASE!


  3. I'll probably get the Batman '55 Panel if I can find it. The non-chase Routemaster Bus is a maybe (and of course, the chase will be a definite purchase if I'm lucky enough to find it). I'll hold out for the mainline release of the Renault Ambulance. The Aston Martin looks great but I don't need another one.


  4. I like the tempos on the 60ths but the price dosen't cover the gap between quality and value. The DC collection I like the 67 Austin but it will need a repaint. The rest will be wheel donors.
    What I don't get is who are they marketing these lines to? Most of the comments I read are on the negative side so that leads me to believe that collectors aren't happy with them. What I would ask
    is why not put out more series like the Larry's Garage or Hot Rod or Truckin'? It seems even the premier sets are being marketed towards kids. When I think about that it boggles my mind,cause in this economy kids are spending their money elsewhere and parents are looking right by them. I like Batman and Superman but never cared for them on my die
    cast maybe it's just me but I think they should focus
    more on the auto than the cartoon or superhero
    themes. I sure many of these castings have been in these magazines and licensing can't be more than
    the DC rights. Owners of cars used would be
    honored I would think,I know I would. I have never
    seen a custom car with a superhero paint job.
    The MB 60th is just a major disappointment
    between the overpricing and the lack of quality and attention to the history of the line. It just has no interest to me as collection. Sure there will be a couple of castings I will get but in the grand scheme of collecting they don't matter. I don't think there is a casting I missed in the mainlines in either lines except the 96' VW Dragbus but that was prempted. I've been an enthusiast since I was kid but in my teen years cost me my childhood collection. I got back into it as a hobby in the late 80s and became a serious collector by the early 90s. My early collection is blister free not a great idea when it comes value but investment wasn't my plan. By 98' I had to keep them package for storage purposes. The point to this story is even when I was a kid it was always about the car never about the tempo or even the design. I hate what car makers have done since the early 90s. Most cars look alike now a days,there are a few like the Camaro,Charger&Challenger but for the most part everything looks the same. I guess there really isn't much for HW and MB to focus on…

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