First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard 1985 Honda CR-X…

Version 2 of another classic from an era that Hot Wheels seems more than happy to tackle lately.  And with this influx of 80’s cars, we are more than happy to let them.

The CR-X was one of three gems that debuted in the Hot Ones lineup last year, along with the ’87 Toyota Hilux and Subaru Brat.  Each of those just plain surprised us when they were announced, and we were equally pleased when the models were released.

So here we are with the second version of the CR-X, this time sporting rubber tires as part of the Boulevard lineup.  If honesty is what we are going for, and most of the time it is, I guess we will say this: We are very happy to see the CR-X in the Boulevard lineup, we are just slightly disappointed with the execution.  The wheels work very well, the overall deco works, but that yellow is just a tad too harsh.  A more mild yellow, or maybe a more stock-like deco and color, would have probably been the better choice.

But alas, it is what it is, and the casting is still a little treat.  As we mentioned before, this model was designed by Ryu Asada, who is also responsible for the Honda S2000 that has been a favorite of collectors for the last three years.  Since 2005 Ryu has been working on the orange side of things with Matchbox, and is responsible for most of the castings you have seen in the Matchbox lineup over the last few years.  He definitely established a strong reputation for both his creativity and skill, and now Ryu has taken his talents across the hall to the blue brand.

So we are excited to see what the Ryu Asada era at Hot Wheels will produce.  Undoubtedly a number of gems.  One of the first things Ryu is tackling is modifying the front of the CR-X, making the headlights fit a tad better, eliminating the gap between the lights and the front bumper.  When we will see the modification is anyone’s guess, but for now we will enjoy the fact that this icon-in-the-making is in the Hot Wheels lineup…

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Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X (2013 Boulevard):

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard 1985 Honda CR-X…”

  1. I want to see this as a mainline, the chrome bumpers on the Fast Ones don't do it for me and the Boulevard just seems over-detailed for what this car is (my personal opinion).

  2. I might be in the minority, but I'm just not feeling what HW did with this casting. This is the same problem I have with the S2000. I understand the body kit generates more interest, but I would have preferred a body that was closer to stock, I enjoy seeing the pure lines. But then again, I am just only one person. But I agree on one thing, that Hot Ones CRX is absolutely abysmal. Oh well, it helps me save money though. Thank you, CRX!

  3. The Hot Ones is better looking than this one, IMO. I think making the body into two pieces is where it went wrong. The bodykit is realistic to an actual one, it just looks bad with a big crack running through the middle.

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