First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Long Gone…

Well, Hot Wheels collectors love their trucks.  Well, so do Matchbox collectors.  So, let me rephrase…

Well, diecast collectors love their trucks.

On the Hot Wheels side, the Hiway Hauler and Custom Convoy are always hits, no matter what lineup they appear in, and it appears the Long Gone is joining the club.  This is the second version of the Long Gone, which is essentially a retool of the Long Shot, which was released back in the early 1980’s.  The first version was part of last year’s Hot Ones series, and the name was appropriate, as most collectors who hit stores found the model exactly that…long gone.

So I assume the same will happen to the Boulevard version.  And after this release, I can see the casting staying out of the mainline (too much metal), but becoming a regular member of the RLC and other premium lines.  Wherever it settles, it will be popular…

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Hot Wheels Long Gone (2013 Boulevard):

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  1. That would probably embarrass the one axle trailer of the Tracking Trucks Boneshaker truck set. Hopefully it would fit and latch to this casting.

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