First Look: Hot Wheels Kool Kombi recolor…

It is VW Friday, so here is a look at another VW from Batch G.

The Kool Kombi is as good an indicator of how popular VW models are.  I have a decent amount of luck finding models (I even find a Super TH occasionally), but it took several months for me to find one.  I saw the regular TH from the batch, but never the Kombi.  Finally a friend sent one my way, and I found another two buried deep in a 4-sided shipper at a grocery store.  Folks like the Kombi.

I do too.  Now I am not a VW expert, but the term “Kombi” refers to the Type 23 Bus, and that is the bus many Brazilians use to transport themselves and their cargo around.  I rode in my share of Kombi’s while living in Brazil.  I loved how you could look below the gas, brake, and clutch and see the street flying by below.  I liked steering like a bus driver.  I liked how you felt that if you leaned forward too much the whole vehicle would tilt face-first.  Brazil should be seen in a Kombi.

So I don’t know what future versions of the Kool Kombi will look like, but Hot Wheels’ tribute to the Brazilian Bus in the 2013 version will be a very valued addition to the Lamley collection…

(Kool Kombis for sale…)

Hot Wheels Kool Kombi (2013 Basic Range recolor):

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