First Look: Hot Wheels 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco GT 24…

I guess we call this VW Friday.  We started the week with the standard Matchbox Monday, and followed that up with Super Tuesday, where we showed off a couple of Hot Wheels Corvette Super Treasure Hunts.  So why not end the week with another theme?

We probably don’t give Volkswagen enough love here on the blog, especially considering there are a lot of VW collector nuts out there.  In our Hot Wheels dominated world, the Drag Bus rules.  Not here in the Lamley offices, however.  Nice casting, but there is not a one here.  One of these days I would love to put the First Edition in the collection, and that time will come.  Other than that, we’re good.

So I would probably not consider myself a VW guy like other collectors.  Beetle?  Yes, it is iconic.  It is also the birthplace of my ongoing battle with claustrophobia.  One ride in the backseat of the Brazilian Beetle in Curitiba, Brazil, with two other large fellers was all it took.  Still the most horrific 20-minute ride of my life.  I haven’t sat in the back seat of a car since.  Oh, and there was a time as a teenager that I was in a friend’s Beetle when we rear ended the car in front of us.  To the Beetle credit there was no damage to the front of the car.  Not to the Beetle’s credit, the only damage was to the windshield, created by my forehead, when it went through the windshield and I was wearing a seatbelt.  Ok, maybe I have a history with Beetles.  We can talk about my history with Kombis when I show that Hot Wheels model a little later..

Ok, that is a long introduction.  I don’t collect Beetles (although I liked Hot Wheels’ version of the 2013 Beetle), or Buses, but man I like the Scirocco.  And I really like the Scirocco GT 24.  And I really really like the Hot Wheels Casting.  And I really really really like this Nurburgring version, based on the debut version that was raced at said track.  So here it is, in only its second basic range livery, after a long run in the Speed Machines line.  And why not see all versions?

(VW Scirocco’s for sale…)

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Scirocco GT 24 (2013 Basic Range):

And its compatriots:

And a set of two that I thought a few of you would like.  Both are blank on both sides, with hood and rear tampos.  Cool, eh?

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