Just Unveiled: Brand new Hot Wheels Toyota Supra mainline and Fast & Furious editions…

It looks like the next batch of Hot Wheels is starting to hit overseas, and as our friends find them on the pegs they are sharing their discoveries on Facebook.

With that we have learned that there will be two versions of the brand new Toyota Supra casting. One in the mainline and one in the special Fast & Furious set. They will have the same deco, only the FF version will be far more detailed.

If they are hitting overseas it is only a matter if time before we get them, and we will be sure to give them the full Lamley treatment…

13 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Brand new Hot Wheels Toyota Supra mainline and Fast & Furious editions…”

  1. sort of disappointed they're not just stock supras (surely those crazy customizers could have made these no issue) but mostly annoyed that the special model looks like a mainline, so they made the mainline look like a mcdonald's toy hot wheels circa 1995

  2. Utter nonsense. They have made the mainline version rubbish in order to make the so called 'premium line' model, which actually would have been a perfect mainline version, fit in the TF&TF series. And I hate Hot Wheels for doing this. Nobody wants an old cereal-box car with some side-stickers and old wheels thrown in on a mainline in today's world (the wheels are great but not here). Fine for customizers, but what about us collectors?

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. Not too bad, considering they were based on Fast & Rubbish. I'll probably pick one up and do away with those stupid decals. They look more like mold growing on the side of the car than… well, whatever they're supposed to be.

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