DMC Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Toyota 86…

Is it any secret now that we here at Lamley are big fans of the Toyota 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ?

If someone makes the model in 1:64, there is a very good chance we will talk about it here.  We have covered most versions of the Tomica, several of the Kyosho, and we are looking forward to profiling the upcoming Hot Wheels and Kyosho Factory versions (including the twin set of DMC exclusives that will be incredibly rare).

But while we wait, how about a looksy at the recently released Tomica Limited?  Tomica Limited is not to be confused with Tomica Limited Vintage.  While both lines are approached the same way (higher lever of detail, rubber tires, etc), TLV is focused on classic cars (obviously), and Tomica Limited models are usually upgraded regular models of current cars.  Similar to the Hot Wheels Boulevard lineup.

But here is the biggest difference, at least to me.  I have mentioned in the past that Tomica models have a certain charm about them.  The wheels might be a little too small, the body might sit a little too high, but the quality of the toy mixed with its very Japanese charm is one of the thing that makes them so popular with collectors.  TLV is totally different.  They don’t need charm.  The detail and quality of the models is truly second to none in 1:64 scale, and the casting choices they make are fantastic.

Tomica Limited falls somewhere in the middle.  The models that once had the Tomica charm are now dressed up as collector models, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I would say with the Limited Toyota 86, the results are mixed.

The actual casting is flawless, and the detail excellent.  But it is really hard to get past those awful wheels.  The rims are too small, the wheels are too thin, and that badly throws off the proportions.  This is a model for the customizers.  Great color, opening doors, even nice interior detail, but just swap out the rims.

But alas, it is an 86, and I am very happy to have it in the collection.  You can find this and other Tomica Limiteds at the DMC website or ebay store for more Tomica…

Tomica Limited Toyota 86:

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