First Look: Hot Wheels Max Steel Motorcycle and Speedbox…

When we get a new Hot Wheels batch sent to us, there are always a handful of models that don’t generate a ton of excitement in the Lamley offices, but we like to show anyway.  We know that several of you will really like these models, and we don’t want to keep them from you.

Case in point, the two we are about to show.  One is a non-licensed model that appears built solely for the orange track, and the other a motorcycle built as a promotional tool for a line of Mattel Action Figures.  For what they are, the Speedbox and Max Steel Motorcycle look pretty good.  Both sport a futuristic style, and are cleanly designed.  If there is any detail I like the most, it is the German ambulance livery on the Speedbox.  Any nod to a non-US country is always a bonus for me.

But I will let the photos do the talking.  Who here will be after these two?

(Hot Wheels Batch H for sale…)

Hot Wheels Max Steel Motorcycle (2013 New Models):

Hot Wheels Speedbox (2013 New Models):

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  1. What is metal on the Speedbox? It looks like just the lower, dark part of the base (and the axles), but it's a little bit hard to tell.

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