Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2013 ’09 Corvette ZR1 Super Treasure Hunt…

We thought we would follow up this morning’s showcase of the new ’62 Corvette Super with another Corvette Super released this year.

It has been a few months since this one has been out, and I was lucky enough to find two of them.  One buried in a picked-over dump bin, and another hanging in a rural Walmart with about 10-15 other cars. My most shocking Super Hunt find to date…

Well, we decided to open the extra Vette for the ’62 Vette photo shoot, and while we had it out we thought we should give it some of its own attention.

And while we were doing that, we went ahead and threw in the two spectacular Vettes released in the 2012 HW Racing line.  Needless to say, it has been a stellar few months for premium Corvette castings…

(Hot Wheels Greenwood Vette, COPO Corvette, and ZR1 Super for sale…)

Hot Wheels ’09 Corvette ZR1 (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

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  1. One of the greatest Treasure hunts of all-time. At least, in my books. This one is just plain gorgeous! Definitely in my top three with the '96 Ferrari 355 and last year's 599XX!

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