First Look: Hot Wheels Infiniti G37 multipack and mystery exclusives, plus a look at all versions & varis…

For a vari collector, there are some models that seem to have a cosmic connection to you.  There are two that come to mind with me: the Matchbox Olds Vista Cruiser and Hot Wheels Infiniti G37.  It is not necessarily that I have found all the hard-to-find variations of these two castings, but I have somehow been able to acquire all the variations with ease.  (And yes it helps that I like the castings a lot, and pursue the variations somewhat vigorously.  But I like the “cosmic connection” angle better.)

Well the folks at Mattel have given us G37 fans a double treat in the last couple of weeks, with the multipack exclusive G37 debuting in Target Easter 5-packs, and the brownish plum Infiniti finding its way to Walmart shelves as a Mystery Model.

These two could be recolors of previous models, but it is hard to know specifics.  That is because every Inifniti G37 has shared the exact same deco.  Front and rear tampos, with no side deco.  I have to assume that is Infiniti’s choice.  After 3+ years of this model being used, you would think Hot Wheels would try to throw a custom pinstripe on the side at least once or twice.  My guess is Infiniti will have none of that, at least until someone else takes over the licensing department.

But I am not complaining.  I like having all these colors and wheel variations, all designed the same.  And when I say wheel variations, I mean it.  The Infiniti has been a magnet for wheel variations, and I may be the only dude dumb enough to pursue all of them.

Let’s start with the two new models, and then we will get into the wheel variations.

(Hot Wheels Infiniti G37 for sale…)

Hot Wheels Infiniti G37 (2013 Mystery Models):

Hot Wheels Infiniti G37 (2013 Multipack exclusive):

In case you were confusing the new multipack model with the 2011 basic, here is a comparison (exclusive is on the reader’s left):

So how many different Infiniti models does that make?  Well, let’s find out.  Here is the entire list of Infiniti versions and *wheel variations, and I will mark those that are hard-to-find:

*note that there is an interior variation on the 2012 white version.  light and dark interior.  We are skipping that now to focus on the wheel variations.

2010 New Models J5

2010 New Models PR5 (hard-to-find)

2010 New Models 10sp (extremely hard to find)

2010 New Models Y5 (extremely hard-to-find.  Found only in a handful of Australian 10-packs)

2010 New Models red Y5

2010 New Models red 10sp (somewhat hard to find.  Found only in Gift Packs)

2011 Basic

2012 FTE

2012 chrome Trap5 (found in Gift Packs)

2012 basic recolor

2012 basic recolor Y5 (found in Gift Packs)

2013 Multipack Exclusive

2013 Mystery Model

Finally for kicks, all the New Models in blue:

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