First Look: Hot Wheels 2013 ’62 Corvette Super Treasure Hunt…

On to Batch H…

I thought about starting with the New Models, but this Super Treasure Hunt just cannot be ignored.  At all.  When I opened my package from Wheel Collectors I was shocked to see this beauty included.  Matt and the Wheel Collectors crew sent me a little gift, and I could not be happier about it…

(Thanks Matt.)

We try to make this site about a lot more than getting riled up about Super Treasure Hunts.  I will be the first to admit that finding a Super on the pegs is quite the thrill, and I love sharing those finds on our Facebook page.  But we want to be more about the models.  What goes into them, what cool cars and interesting heritage they represent, and the general vehicular knowledge that comes from collecting these minis.  Yes, we attempt to move away from the mullet-wearing door-warmers looking for a chase model, not caring what kind of car it is, and move into the realm of good design and tasteful collecting. As much as we can in this toy car world in which we reside.

High brow.

Can a toy car collector hold his own in a chat with furniture, car, and art collectors?  Can someone smoothly transition from his Houzz app to the Lamley Blog in one sitting?  We sure as hell hope so.

Where am I going with this?  Well, in a nutshell we are much happier showing the latest version of the AE86 as we are a Super Treasure Hunt.  But the thing is that Mattel is making Super Treasure Hunts the cream of every batch, and not because they are rare.  Look at every Super released so far this year:  Gran Torino, Corvette ZR1, Ford Falcon, El Camino, Shelby Super Snake, Buick Riviera, Bone Shaker, ’62 Corvette, Toyota 2000GT, Ford Ranchero, and ’69 Camaro.  Every one of those (except the Bone Shaker, but that is my opinion) are fantastic looking models.  No longer are Treasure Hunts fun to collect because they are hard to find.  It is because they are fantastic versions of fantastic cars.  Thus, I really like collecting them.

I don’t know what the final four Supers will be, but I don’t see how any model will beat the Toyota 2000GT as my Super of the Year.  I think it would have to take a surprise Super version of the Kenmeri Skyline with the Lamley logo on the side to beat it.  But this ’62 Corvette comes much closer than I would have thought.  The model is just drop-dead gorgeous.

It starts with the casting.  The low profile works so well, as does, in this case, the large rear wheels.  And as what appears to be the trend with Supers the last couple of years, the model glows because of its spectraflame paint, but looks classy with its understated deco.

I have stated many times on this blog that I have tried to ignore Corvettes all my life.  Their mid-life crisis reputation, coupled with the bland design and quality of many of the Corvettes I saw growing up, made me stay away.  That is becoming harder and harder.  The new Stingray looks fantastic, the ZR1 and Z06 do as well, and the further I move away from the 70’s, the more I love the tight slacks and mustaches of the ’70’s Vettes.  The James Garner COPO and Greenwood Vettes from 2012 rank as two of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels models.

And now I am getting sucked into the classic Vettes.  I am not terribly fond of most of Hot Wheels renditions of classic Corvettes, but the ’62 casting is a stellar exception.  The model is flawless, and is dreamy as a Super.  I just might have to grow a mullet, wear a t-shirt that is a couple of sizes too small, and go door-warm…

(Find the 2013 ’62 Corvette at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels ’62 Corvette (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

With the basic version:

And in case you are wondering why I am not showing more of the basic Vette, a look at the front will tell you why.  I need a better example:

With the other 2013 Super celebrating Corvette’s anniversary:

Speaking of Super Treasure Hunts.  I have been lucky enough to find a few carded, as well as an extra or two to open.  My DLM’d Supers for 2013 so far:

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels 2013 ’62 Corvette Super Treasure Hunt…”

  1. I cannot think of a casting I have been more excited to see as a Treasure Hunt! Can't wait to get this one in my hands!

  2. It is a shame that the Corvette is stuck with stigma. The Corvette for me represents the start of American sports car. The Stingray for me growing up was my least favorite but it seems once something goes away you seem to miss and appreciate it more. I always liked the 70s fast back over the notch back. The very first I hated but as with all Corvettes I have a growing appreciation for them,oh wait I'm middle aged lol…..

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. Well I love the Corvette. Sure many years were not as good as others. Let's face it there are not many car nameplates within a brand that are 60 years old. Give credit where credit is due. Zora Arkus Duntov for saving the car and Chevy for continuing to build them. This car has a pedigree that is unbeatable.

  4. I, too, am a Corvette enthusiast and diecast collector. I love it because of its performance, its elegant, low-slung style, and mostly because it is one of the very few American pure sports cars. I like how it can run with and even spank European sports cars and still be as American as apple pie. I don't have a 1:1 myself, but maybe one day!

  5. I love Corvettes, specially the last ones Hot Wheels have been releasing, like the 11'Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1. The older models look awesome, like the COPO and the '62. I am very, very happy to have a Corvette series of 10 cars in this years' HW line up

  6. You got rorted with your standard one. My one, the front looks just as good as the Super. Was impressed with how good the standard one was, then found out they've done a super…. Can't wait!

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