Model of the Day: Kyosho Honda S800…

I would normally call this post the DMC Model of the Day, as that is where the model came from, but alas it is sold out at DMC.  The good news is that they still have several great Honda Kyosho models for sale, including the fantastic NSX.

But let’s take a look at the Kyosho S800, as part as my ongoing goal to get more collectors here in the States to convert to Kyosho.  Maybe I am a Kyosho missionary, sporting my short sleeve white shirt and tie, riding a bike from house to house to preach about Kyosho’s plan of happiness.  I hope that each of you can share in the joy that we feel collecting Kyosho.  So pray to the diecast gods and ask if you should.  Amen.

First off, Kyosho pays a lot of attention to scale, so this model is tiny.  Put the real car next to most current cars, and it is tiny.  The same goes for its 1:64 counterpart.  So I put it next to its real-life successor, the HW S2000, and that shows off how small it actually is.  It makes Kyosho’s attention to detail really shine.

Plus it is just cool to put it next to the S2000, considering the S800 is actually the S2000’s older brother.  There is no one in between.  Mom and Dad really took their time to have another kid.  At least they made the right decision…

(Still looking for this one?  I found one here, and I also found the Tomica S800 here…)

Kyosho Honda S800:

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