First Look: Hot Wheels ’65 Ford Ranchero multipack exlusive…

Our last look at the latest multipack exclusives before we jump into Hot Wheels Basic batch H, as well as the latest batch of Boulevard.  Lots to do, but we can’t throw this Ranchero to the wayside.  It is just too cool…

There is little to say about this one.  It will be popular with collectors, as this casting has already proven.  And while technically a 2013 model, it is actually a recolor of the 2011 New Model.  Actually, the second recolor.  The first came in the form of a mystery baggie car late in 2011.  So this particular deco continues, with a Treasure Hunt thrown in last year for fun.

I still consider the Treasure Hunt my favorite version, but this black cannot be ignored.  It looks sharp, and the black silhouettes the Ranchero’s charming mid-60’s lines.  Yummy.

Find all versions of the Ranchero for sale here

Hot Wheels ’65 Ford Ranchero (2013 multipack exclusive):

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