Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch H now at Wheel Collectors…

Great news from Matt over at Wheel Collectors.  Hot Wheels Batch H is in!

This is quite the batch, featuring the BEAUTIFUL ’62 Vette Super, a recolor of the Kool Kombi, Bel Air Gasser, and AE86, as well as the debut of what looks to us to be a fantastic new ’70 Chevelle.  Not to mention the Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000.  This batch is on its way to us here at Lamley, so look for First Looks in the coming days.  
In the meantime, head over to Wheel Collectors to see all that is in this new batch…

4 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch H now at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Wow. Thats awesome! What I am particularly interested in is the Scirocco GT 24 w/ the Nurburgring design. Looks fabulous in that colour theme and the huge spoiler. Oh, and the Honda S2000. Another furious grip racer. Again, the livery makes it look like a proper race car. I might also pick up the '62 Vette Super-TH for a friend of mine (he's a classic car nut). Good to see the Chevelle in authentic Gulf Racing colours. This Batch is sure to be a hit!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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