First Look: Hot Wheels Ford Falcon Race Car multipack exclusive in grey…

We continue our look at some of the multipack exclusives that have made their debut in the Target Easter 5-packs.  And if I could only buy one pack, it would be the model that had this very slick Ford Falcon Race Car in it.

I know our Australian friends have enjoyed Mattel’s tour through their automotive history, with Matchbox doing the Holden Ute and Hot Wheels releasing the old and new Ford Falcons.  I especially like the Race Car, with its Ford Racing promo livery.  I have no idea if I will like future versions in completely new deco, so I took it as good news that Mattel decided to recolor the New Model just one more time.  And frankly, this grey version may be my favorite.

So let’s take a look at the whole set of Falcons, including the hard-to-find lace wheel variation on the white version.  Incidentally, the lace wheel vari came on the VERY early releases of the white recolor, and many people thought the 10sp wheels would be the difficult vari to find.  I actually the 10sp vari go for a much higher price than the lace wheel on ebay.  That changed pretty quickly.  The lace pops up among the many ebay listings occasionally, so if you are looking for it keep checking

Hot Wheels Ford Falcon Race Car (2013 multipack exclusive):

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Ford Falcon Race Car multipack exclusive in grey…”

  1. What a stunner! Still looks great, hasn't lost a single bit of it's glory. And I think the grey adds that little bit of extra 'flair' it needed, which the debut versions lacked, as theres a more contrast of colours on it. This has to be the best of all the 5-pack exclusive recoloured cars released till now. Too sad then, because I won't be able to pick this up. No sign of Targets anywhere in our country.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. Nice to see the whole line up together, I bought a lace wheel version off ebay and the seller swapped it out for a regular one, was disappointed.

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