Matchbox Tuesday, Part 2: 2013 Mainline 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood & Porsche 911 GT3…

We will continue our makeshift Matchbox Tuesday with a look at two more Matchbox models just released in Batches C and D.

Starting with the Caddie.  With all the talk about Matchbox’s current direction, the folks in El Segundo show that they still know how to do a classic car.  The casting has been around awhile, and looks great here in a very simple side deco, highlighting how nice the model is.  I don’t know if this model was originally slated to be a convertible and modified with a hardtop, but the roof is plastic.  To me it makes sense because it allows the model to stay realistically two-tone.  She’s a beauty.

Matchbox 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood (2013 Mainline):

Next, another collector favorite, the Porsche 911 GT2.  This version looks good with the GT3 side deco, and I don’t mind the extra striping as well.  I would like to have seen the headlights done, but that has been the case with a few models.

Matchbox Porsche 911 GT3 (2013 Mainline):

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9 Replies to “Matchbox Tuesday, Part 2: 2013 Mainline 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood & Porsche 911 GT3…”

  1. Nice see the '56 Fleetwood back for the first time since the Lesney Editions were on the pegs… especially as a carded single. Considering Matchbox's current direction, it's a pleasant surprise that they didn't slap a 60th Anniversary logo on the back and make it a 9-pack exclusive. Really looking forward to that one.

    The Porsche looks sporty. One of the better examples of the casting.


  2. The Fleetwood looks great in red and with those wheels. White walls would have added a nice period touch. I've heard a lot of talk about the current Matchbox direction. Could someone take a shot at explaining what that is exactly.

    Has anyone else been experiencing a Matchbox shortage? Our local Walmart has had empty single card pegs since Christmas. Nothing, nada…for two months.

  3. Attention to all: That Porsche is a GT3, not a GT2.

    Back to topic: Well, those are two really nice cars. Both classic car collectors and modern sports cars collectors are going to be happy to put these into their collections. I am looking forward to put both into mine. The Porsche looks particularly sweet, way better than the premium version. And for a Porsche 911 nut like me, its just another reason for getting my Porsches Unleashed.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  4. These are great examples of what MB is for me. Could they have been better, of course but the fact they are great castings is enough for me.

    As for the disappointing direction of MB. I believe their going for a more kid oriented line. I haven't read anything official but most of the rumblings seem to lead in that direction.

    As for your Walmart not having MBs. I have three in my area that I go to consistently one has all new stuff one has a mix and one hhas three year old or older stuff on the pegs. So I think it may be a Walmart issue.

  5. Thanks for the reply!

    The mysteries of Walmart…will we ever know? This store was out of regular Hot Wheels for several weeks after Christmas as well. They usually have the pegs full and a big blue box in the aisle year round.

    Matchbox will probably continue to swing back and forth under Mattel. The line has seemed heavy on the kid oriented stuff for quite a while, so this is not exactly a new thing. I'm with you about what MB used to be; detailed, realistic castings of real cars from around the world. I still appreciate the cars they do that fit that description.

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