Matchbox Mon…er…Tuesday: Ford Explorer and other recent models…

I know a lot of you jumped on to Lamley yesterday to see the latest Matchbox Ambassador Update, only to see nothing.  Nor did I put up a Matchbox Monday post.  I am sorry for that.

Every third Monday I travel south for the week, and that first day is usually very hectic.  Actually, every day is hectic, but I usually have some time in the evening to put the next day’s posts together.  This weekend that did not happen, and I found myself leaving in the morning with no Matchbox posts done.

I want to stay consistent, so I am delaying the Ambassador Update until next Monday.  I hope that is ok.  But I cannot forget Matchbox Monday, and our sponsor MVE Collectibles would probably not be too happy about that.

So on with the regularly scheduled program.

Last week we profiled the three new off-roaders from Matchbox, but there are still a few other models that have made their debut in the last couple of batched.  The Load Lifter is not one that I think needs to be shown here, so I am skipping that one.  But the Ford Explorer is.

Considering Matchbox 2013 Batches C and D came out within a week of each other, the Explorer has had a very rapid debut.  The 2012 version in National Parks Ranger livery appeared in Batch C, and a few days later the 2013 version appeared in Batch D.  So that gives us two models to look at.

Based on reactions to other recent Matchbox new model debuts, I think the Explorer will get mixed reviews.  My first reaction was a little disappointment that the true street Interceptor wasn’t done.  Doing the Explorer with a little lower stance and disk wheels seemed like a no-brainer to me.  But from what I know, Ford liked the idea of doing a more off-road type version, so they let Matchbox customize this casting up a bit.  So what we have has an emergency feel to it, but more utility than speedster.

So my main beef is the style of model that was done.  As far as execution goes, I think they did a very nice job, and the model continues to grow on me.  Hopefully, even with the utility style, we will soon see a police version in black with black wheel wells.  This model could look a little meaner…

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Matchbox Ford Explorer (2012 New Model):

Matchbox Ford Explorer (2013 Mainline):

9 Replies to “Matchbox Mon…er…Tuesday: Ford Explorer and other recent models…”

  1. take away then rubbish on the roof, and the hideous aqua/orange wheel arches and bull bars, remove the dire spot lamps and lower it and give it suitable wheels and this will be a nice model, but yes another SUV/4×4, SIGH

  2. I'm ok with the Ranger unit but the fire truck is just a little over done. I think the blue broken line was just a bit much,I think broken red would had been more true to form and red appeals to kids it's a fact. I know there is alot of red on this already but for some reason that blue makes the blue windshield stand out. I know the windshield has to be blue for the light bar but less attention to it the better. Just my opinion…..

    Don't get me wrong I will get it but feel it could have been better and yes bring on a great Police version of this!

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. I recently picked up the Forest Ranger release, but I've decided that this is a “one is enough” casting for me. A really nice police version could get me to change my mind, though…


  4. It's set up to be both the off road and emergency version with the included off road light bar and with the two emergency light bars coming out of the windshield insert. I'm sure in the future when they want a non emergency model they can issue a new windshield insert and take the lights off the roof. At least this is a better option with the Blazer 4×4 in the past where they colored the off road lights in emergency colors to make you believe those were emergency lights. I like this Ford Explorer has a lifted suspension.

  5. When Matchbox design a real car to look like a real car, they can't be beaten. With all the extras on this design, it looks like a generic. The only thing that tells me that this is a Ford Explorer is the name on the card or baseplate.

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