DMC Model of the Day: DMC exclusive Greenlight Honda Civic SI Coupe…

Sometimes you start something and never know where it is going to take you.

When our good friend Felix started his ebay store under the name Daboxtoys a few years ago in Hong Kong, my guess is he could not predict where he would be in 2013.  Daboxtoys has evolved into DMC, a diecast store with an enormous worldwide following, some amazing relationships with manufacturers, and now with a brick-and-morter location in Hong Kong.  It is certainly evidence that nice guys finish first.

One of the results of DMC’s growth is the brand’s ability to do exclusive models.  We have seen a few very limited DMC exclusives come out of the Kyosho OEM Factory, including the VW Beetle (which we profiled), the Pagani Huayra (which we will soon), a Porsche 911 (on its way to us), and soon the Toyota 86 in two different panda schemes.  I am personally collecting all of them, and I know a few others that are as well.

There are others as well.  Just recently, DMC debuted its second Greenlight exclusive, the Ford Focus ST.  But today we are looking at the first, the Honda Civic SI Coupe.  With DMC being based in Hong Kong, it is very easy to see why Felix would choose the Civic and Focus ST as his first exclusives from Greenlight.  Collectors in the US might be more familiar with Greenlight’s muscle car offerings, and who knows, maybe we will see one dressed up DMC style in the future.  But the the Civic is a great choice, especially this version in white with white rims.

Felix is taking DMC worldwide, and offers the best shipping rates of anyone who sells these models.  So much so that Kyosho just chose DMC to be its sole distributer out of Hong Kong, which is a huge deal.  He is largely responsible for Lamley quick decent into the world of Kyosho and other Asian diecast.  I don’t know whether to thank him or hate him for it.

Greenlight Honda Civic SI Coupe (DMC exclusive):

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  1. You know, I have already 6 greenlight cars, and here is the list:

    Muscle: Series 5: 2011 corvette carbon in blue
    Series 6: 2012-2013 dodge charger SRT super bee 10th anniversary special edition in yellow and black

    2013 Camaro collection: Series 1: 2009-10 Chevy Camaro SS 51st Daytona pace car in grey and yellow with decals

    Road racers: Series 3: 2012 Ford focus ST racing concept in blue and white

    Black bandit: Series 7: 2013 ford explorer police in Ford police brand and in black and grey
    Series 7: 2012 ford mustang GT in black

    Now we all know that greenlight is a limited edition, all models are delecit, and some of the models' windows are plastic.

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