As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending February 9, 2013…

Many thanks to all that have submitted photos of their work.  We get more and more submissions each week, and we truly appreciate it.  Understand we cannot show all, but if you keep sending them, they are bound to make it at some point.

And remember, your submissions don’t have to be elaborate builds, or precise decal jobs, or prefect restorations.  Sometimes the best custom is a simple wheel swap, that takes a model from good to great. If it passes the eye test, or gets an out-loud “wow” when we see it, it will surely go in.

So keep sending them in to (preferred) or post them on the Lamley Facebook page.  Keep ’em coming…

On with it…

This week’s custom of the week comes from Putera Terbuang.  We have seen A LOT of R34 customs, and frankly we will never get sick of them.  This one is a great color and definitely is the beneficiary of great decal work, but the highlight here is those mind-blowing custom built deep-dish watanabe rims.  Truly a treat.

We also really liked this simple yet stunning 2002 from Miguel Lopez:

And another from Miguel:

Lastly, honorable mention goes to Mior Hezri who submitted this set of 599XX’s on HWC Malaysia:

and now on with the rest of this week’s choices…


Zach Buchowski

Anhminh To

Carlos Ferreira

tazzman68 – HWC

h22fanrene – HWC

871blower – HWC

Joel Presto – HWC Malaysia

AHMEDFINK – gtplanet

BIGJAY – Hobbytalk

Stangfreak – Swifty’s Garage

Andy Truong –

Templair – HWC

Toth Andras

Glenn Barker

Balazs Kisgyorgy

Lachlan Beath

Dan Roberts

Edgar Torres

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  1. I've seen that complete rodo of that Cuda over at Swifty's Garage Stangfreak as he's known dose amazing work. There is one guy that is putting together an actual working front end at 1/64 scale that is being patiently anticipated. SF glad to see your work over here at Lamley.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

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