Hot Wheels variation alert: Blue BMW 2002 with OH5 or white-lipped MC5 wheels…

For you BMW nuts, the variation gods have made your hunt for all versions of the 2002 even much harder or much more exciting, depending on your outlook.  There are now three versions to pursue, the normal chrome MC5, the chrome OH5, and the white-lipped MC5:

A few Lamley followers on our Facebook page have mentioned the white-lipped BMW 2002, and I came across one at Walmart this week.  I have also heard of them found at Target:

And I even got another to open:

But there is another, that appears to be equally, if not more, hard to find, and you have to look closely.  That is the OH5 2002.  The OH5 and MC5 wheels look so much alike it is hard to tell, but if you see daylight through those open-hole-5’s, you have a winner:

I found this one at Walmart, after a bit of a double-take.  I almost left it, considering how easy it is to miss…

In case you are wondering, I have not seen the OH5 on ebay, but there are a couple of white-lipped MC5 right now if you follow this link.