February 11 Matchbox Ambassador Update: What model would you like to see?

Greetings fellow collectors…

This week we have a couple of sneaks, a new set that is just hitting stores, and a question I hope many of you can contribute to.

To start, let me keep you updated that Mattel is reviewing some questions, but different departments have to answer certain questions, so I am still waiting to hear back.

Next, the question for my fellow collectors:

There has been a lot of discussion on the current direction of Matchbox, and a lot of opinions have been offered.  While not as many as years past, there are still some collector-oriented models to be released.  The BMW 1M, Dodge A100, and VW Karmann Ghia Type 34 come to mind.

So I want to ask my fellow collectors to give me two cars that you would like to see Matchbox do.  Now before you just list your two favorite cars, try and be constructive and consider these factors:

1. Pick one current car and one classic car.

2. Keep in mind the current theme of Matchbox.  Unstoppable vehicles.  What would fit nicely into that theme?

Please know that this is not a Mattel-sponsored questionnaire.  This is info that I as Ambassador want to gather, to give me a sense of where the Matchbox collecting world is, and to see if there are some ideas I can pass along when I talk to Mattel.  As I read your answers, I might even put together a final list and get collector’s feelings once again.

Please answer here in comments section, on the Lamley Facebook page, email me at lamleygroup@gmail.com, or in the Matchbox forum you frequent.  I hope many of you can contribute.

So what are your choices for the Matchbox’s next current and classic car?

As far as sneaks, I only have two FEP’s to show.  Mattel is only allowed to show the FEP’s, so we are all at the discretion of what they get that week.  The team did say they expect a few this week, so hopefully we have more for you next Monday.  They also said that they got EP’s (not Final) of two of the models we as collectors are most looking forward to, and that they look fantastic.  A hint?  One current car and one classic.  We should have FEP’s to show in the coming months of those two, and I honestly can’t wait to see them.

Let’s start with a set just hitting stores.  The first Mission Force set of 2013, Fire Rescue Crew, is just out.  I was just going to report that, but our collector friend Blair Young from Idaho actually found the set at Kohl’s and was nice enough to provide photos:

I really do like this Pierce with the black trim and disk wheels, so this may be a set I will buy.

And the sneaks, provided with permission from Mattel.  My guess is these two won’t throw the collecting world into a frenzy, but these are the two that came in this week, starting with the latest version of the Road Tripper:

This is not a model I collect, but if I am judging this model’s deco against previous versions, I would say this is the best looking so far.

And the other sneak comes from the upcoming Mission Force Military set, the Tracked Missile Launcher:

We should be back next week with more sneaks.

Until then…

40 Replies to “February 11 Matchbox Ambassador Update: What model would you like to see?”

  1. Classic: 1970s Jeep Wagoneer. Please make it stock. Unstoppable because it's a Jeep!
    Modern: Audi RS5, or other modern high performance Audi. Unstoppable because it's 4wd

  2. I'd love to see a new tooling of the BMW M1 racer from the '80's. I know MBX had one then, but it'd be nice to get a modern one.

    How about a Subaru Baja? or '96 Impala SS? Porsche 928? Porsche 924? Audi Quattro? ~'77 Mustang Cobra II? Early '80's Jeep Cherokee?

    I could go on… lol


  3. well, that's more money saved…. no to all the above pictures, as to unstoppable, if that means 4×4/SUV's, don't you think we have had enough of these, how about cars, you know the ones that people really want to buy so ,y choices are 2013 Jaguar XF-R and 1980's Jaguar XJS, I, like a lot of collectors are passing on so many because they are just too many of the same thing, I am fed up with more trucks and 4×4'x that we will never see in our part of the world.

    I spend far more money now buying RMZ models, they are far better detailed and have cars that you can see on the roads all over the world, not just the USA.

  4. How about a realize looking Wrangler Unlimited and put the old Wrangler casting they all ready have (without the roof pack) back in the line-up. These would sell !!! Think of the different version they could do with just paint and Deco…

    How about the new Toyota/Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ (Two for the price of one), The new Chevy SS, Cadillac ATS, Ford Fusion/Mondeo (Two for the price of one), New Focus (It would Sell Everywhere)

  5. Classic car: Mazda RX3
    Current car: Scion FRS

    Although, I'd be happy with seeing more of the existing tooling brought back and painted street-realistic colors.

  6. Classic: Mercedes-Benz 300SL
    Current: 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 or Subaru BRZ (unstoppable 'cause it's fun to drive)

  7. Classic….a 1977 Thunderbird. Was a popular car was it not? To me it looked chic. As for modern and because I was behind one in a traffic jam….an Audi A7 in black. Oh my word they are BEAUTIFUL.

  8. Current car : Kia Sportage. Looks good, and is sold pretty much worldwide.

    (Future) classic car : Toyota 86 / GT86 / Scion FR-S. Or Subaru BRZ.

  9. Modern: Current Dodge Ram or Ford F-Series, but whatever you do, do not use large off-road wheels like many others in the past have had

    Vintage: More vintage Fire Apparatus, such as a '70s Ford C-Series based Pierce, or the American LaFrance Century series

  10. Current car: Volvo S60 (Polestar or not). I think it's necessary that matchbox give us a new sedan in the mainline that can fill the empty space left some years ago by the Infiniti, the Panamera the and the Mercedes CLS.

    Also, matchbox has done a great job with the Volvo P1800S and the Volvo C30, then, why not a S60?

    Classic car: Chrysler Airflow.

  11. My top choice for a current car would also be a more realistic four door Wrangler. It would be even better if they did one with the top down and/or doors off. If they have to make it lifted to fit in the current lineup, then keep it realistic and simple like the Johnny Lightning Jeep Cherokee. Other current cars I'd like to see: Any Audi S or RS model, the Jaguar F type, or a Pagani or Koenniggsegg.

    Since Mattel is on a BMW kick, how about a 3.0 CSL or any other older BMW racecar? I also think the Lancia Delta Integrale would be a good choice. A new line of older rally cars would fit perfect with both their current direction and their history. Finally, they need to get the Mercedes deal figured out as they are missing out big time. I would love to Matchbox do the 300 SL Gullwing or 300 SLR.

  12. first off. that fire/emergency pack has some nice color combo's. better then last years fire mission force.

    second to answer the question. going with the Heroic Theme.
    Current/Future = some other fire apparatus manufacture like KME or Alexis. Something that's not as big as Pierce or E-One would be nice to see. Getting a lower known fire apparatus manufacture in diecast would be a great promotion.

    Past = An open cab american lafrance engine. the town i grew up in, one of the fire stations still has a black open cab american lafrance engine and it'd go beautifully alongside the seagrave & Buick Police car that's out.

  13. Ok the Fire pack is great but emergency vehicles sways were by MB.

    Current: 2012 Dodge Dart bringing back a classic in modern era. Unstoppable check out the commercial!

    Classic: 1967 Ford Galixie 500 the car had a big block engine sleek fastback body style.

    As for emergency vehicles
    Current: Chevy Tahoe police a better casting than the HW version!

    Classic: 70s International pumper would be awesome to see.

    Thanks for the sneaks and asking for our opinions! This is much appreciated from my stand point and something Mattel should have thought of themselves.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  14. Had to add alt classic.
    68 Chevy Impala for the same reasons as the 67 Galaxie just awesome cars. I also could go on and on but these would be my first choices. Thanks again!


  15. Classic: 1965-69 Corvair coupe. Hot Wheels had their “Vairy-8” mid-engine V-8 version of this car a decade ago, with their typical tampos that went from “OK” to “EWWW!” – How about doing it RIGHT this time, as I know Matchbox is fully capable of?

    Modern: The upcoming 2014 Corvette. That one is a can't miss proposition. Do it right and it'll be an instant best-seller worldwide. The Corvette is legendary with a ready market for replicas in scale.

    ~”Corvair Jim”~

  16. I am pleased to see that this is not all Americana requested here.

    Collectors need to be mindful of this – and one of the massive reasons why the matchbox brand has failed so badly outside of the US&A.

    We just cannot relate to all the US Vehicles as we do not see them on the roads. Yes, there is the same argument for the US where they don't see different Euro/Asian cars as well, so it needs to be a fine balance.

    For those after classic Americana, surely HW fits the bill? This is their niche. Or have I got this wrong?

  17. I agree, to some extent, whereas nearly all manufacturers sell in the US, virtually none of the US cars are sold outside of that country, and those that are dont sell in vast numbers.

  18. I'm 100% in agreement should absolutely be a balance. I would just like to see some stuff that hasn't been done or done right (the Tahoe) as for euro edition I would love to see a 59 Ford Thames Panel Van. I really don't care who makes what castings HWs or MB. MB was always the brand that kept things stock and I miss that about MB. To the point where I have been probably over critical of Mattel. Most castings for both brands are made in the same factories. I have no problem with Euro or Asian vehicles. I would just really like to see different castings, stuff where you go into the store or see a sneak peak and say WOW they did this! Better yet if they were to do that don't even give us a peak, just let us walk in the store and be floored at what they have done in a good way! I guess thinking about it I like the Nissan's, Toyotas but it would be nice to see more Euro where we here in the US don't see much other than the Mini which I don't even know if you consider a real Euro anymore. I'm ok with just about anything as long as it has the WOW factor, I had enough of ahhhhhh this again. There are only so many varies you can put up with.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  19. Classic : 1989-1993 Opel Lotus Omega/Vauxhaul Lotus Carlton…
    A classic collaboration. Unstoppable for being one the first “super saloons”. And with no speed limiter, capable of over 175 miles per hour. Plus it has English roots!

    Modern : 1998-2009 Bentley Arnage…
    Built from the last pre-Volkswagen Bentley, and unstoppable because of it's immense torque and incomparable level of luxury. Plus it's English!

    And here's a third. The early-60's Lotus Elan has never been done, and very well should be!… It's unstoppable for providing an uncompromising driving experience through low weight and dynamics rather than sheer power… And you know, it's English.

    Full Flaps! on HobbyTalk

  20. I don't know if it should be labeled as a classic or a modern car, all I know is, my suggestion is the 90's Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon.
    What a beauty it is!
    … and how awful is it that no one has done a miniature of it?

    Considering how gorgeous the MBX Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is, I can only dream of a MBX Roadmaster Estate Wagon.
    And if you think about it, the Roadmaster Estate Wagon fits just right to this “unstoppable” theme: it is huge, it is heavy, and it has the same engine used on the Corvette.
    Plus, woodgrain panels. Awesome!

    Please, let Matchbox know that someone begs for a miniature of the 90's Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon!

    Now, if I was to give another suggestion, I'd say go for the AMC Eagle Wagon.
    It doesn't look as pretty as the Roadmaster, but it sure can be called an “unstoppable” vehicle. And it's also a car that didn't made it to the diecast market.

  21. This comment of yours is superb, and explains a lot of my feelings towards the Matchbox brand. It may be the answer for everything Mattel needs to know:

    I would just really like to see different castings, stuff where you go into the store or see a sneak peak and say WOW they did this!?

    This comment.
    THIS comment, Mattel!!
    Look at this very comment, Mattel.

  22. Unstoppable Classic: Toyota 2000GT convertible, it's unstopable becuase it's Bond's car.

    Unstoppable Modern: What about the AudiR1 that was only avaiable in NFS World? It's certainlly unstoppable because you can crash into a tree and keep rolling!


  23. Classic: 68-72 Chevrolet Nova SS396. Chevy's mighty mouse with 396 CID power was pretty much the definition of unstoppable.

    Modern: Henessey Venom GT. That thing is just mean and when a Bugatti Veyron yelds to your car on a speed event, said car's gotta be pretty unstoppable.

    But hey, if the Nova gets made, I'll buy enough of them by myself to completely justify production costs 🙂

  24. Also, even though muscle cars aren't exactly MBX's niche, they always had a few on their line up, like the usual Mustangs and Camaros. Another duo I'd like to see are a 70 chevelle coupe and the R32 Skyline GT-R, bone stock, though I'm not sure it would fit as a current car. Or maybe a combo of 68 Nova and Porsche 993 Turbo, I'd love to see that as well…

  25. Current car: Maserati Gran Turismo
    Classic car: Lotus Elite

    Two of the most gorgeous cars that have ever been sketched up on a drawing board.

    I will abide by the condition that we should only pick one of each, but I had to make some alternative decisions:

    Current car: Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione
    Classic car: Lancia Fulvia

  26. I must add this condition, the Lotus Elite should only be the one from the late '50s/early'60s. The Elite from the '70s was deeply unsexy, abysmally hideous. I don't care who disagrees, it is the honest-to-God truth.

  27. I recently purchased the F-550 Super Duty Fire Truck and had an idea. Mattel could use the cab and chassis of the F-550, and instead of the brush body that it is currently released with, they could, instead issue it with a rescue body.

  28. Classic car: Mark 1 Ford Cortina / Lotus Cortina
    Modern car: Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

    I cannot recall seeing a Mark 1 Cortina produced in this size apart from some for model railroaders.

    I have just seen some photos of the soon to be produced Alfa and I think it is very eye-catching.

  29. Amen to the AMC Eagle Wagon. That is one sweet ride. It shares a lot of the four-wheel-drive components with the Jeeps of the era, and looks good stock.

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