Just Announced: Upcoming Majorette models for 2013…

Thanks to our good friend Christian Falkensteiner of Austria, we have the first images of some of the models Majorette is working on for 2013.

As we documented a few months ago, Majorette went through the ringer as a company, but they have emerged here at the beginning of 2013, and the models they have had slated to release for awhile are starting to make their way to the stores, particularly in Europe.  (You can find some of them on ebay right now.)

There are still a few 2012’s yet to come, like these beauties:

I am particularly looking forward to the Merc and the Honda, and I hope to have them in hand at some point for a little Lamley treatment.  Let’s hope.

But we have known about those models for awhile now.  It was what Christian discovered at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany that has us very excited.  A few catalog images of what Majorette is working on for 2013:

I have a feeling that a few of these models will instantly go on collector’s want lists.  That Silverado might even get some American collectors a little tickled.  I am not much of a full-size pickup guy, but I have to admit that Silverado looks spot-on.  In fact, I think all of these might have to make it into the collection.  The GT-R has been done a lot, but based on this image, this might be the best version I have seen.

Some more details from Christian:

Regarding the Toyfair display, I was actually delighted to see so many castings which had been announced for the last two years in real life at last. All of those were shown in their finished form, ready to be delivered to the stores. The date labels on the bases ranged from 11/12 to 01/13, so they had all been produced fairly recently.

This also has enabled me to fill some gaps in my list of model numbers in the 200 series, as those numbers are still found on the baseplates (albeit nowhere else – neither on the packaging nor in the catalog). So I have compiled this little list of new castings introduced since 2011, grouped by introduction years and with their numbers:

(unknown) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
209B Porsche Panamera
209C Porsche Cayenne Turbo
209D Porsche 911 GT3
220B Honda CR-Z
225A Dacia Duster
237C Audi A 5 Coupé
239A Renault Master
239B Renault Trafic
244F BMW Z 4
282B Red Bull RB 6 F1 Racer

(unknown) Ford Fiesta WRC
203A VW Beetle
203C VW Amarok
205I Peugeot 508 SW
209E Porsche 911 / 991
219C Lamborghini Reventón
219D Lamborghini Gallardo
221F Renault Scénic III
237D Audi R 8
237E Audi A 1
245A Citroën DS 3 WRC
279A Chevrolet Camaro SS
292H Mitsubishi ASX

(unknown) Genty Akylone
(unknown) Mini WRC
(unknown) Nissan GTR
(unknown) Renault Clio III Sport
204A Ford Mustang Boss
217E Chevrolet Silverado

The two models from 2011 and 2012 with “unknown” numbers are the only ones which I did not see in the Toyfair display. Of the 2013 introductions, the Mustang Boss and Silverado were already shown in their finished production form. The Genty Akylone was shown as a pre-pro mockup with a blank base (looking very similar to the catalog picture); the other three new castings were not shown at all.


So, what models might you pursue?

10 Replies to “Just Announced: Upcoming Majorette models for 2013…”

  1. They should come back to Brazil. There's plenty of room for a new diecast company down here, specially after the Matchbox brand was erased from here.
    Most stores down here only have Hot Wheels to sell.
    It's hard to find Greenlights or whatsoever.

    I went to Buenos Aires a couple of months ago, and there I got myself (all Majorettes!) a Dacia Duster, a Peugeot 407 and a Toyota Prius.
    If the store had more Majorette models, I'd sure get more miniatures…. they look great. Lovely!

  2. Either the US needs to bring these to big box retailers or we need an online store to carry these. They look great, and I surely miss Majorette in the US when they last appeared in Albertson stores in the late 80's and '90's.

  3. Wow. Quite a few exceptional castings there. I especially like the Mercedes, Nissan GT-R, Camaro, Silverado, and Genty Akylone.

    SeattleO, I've heard of people finding stuff at smaller drug and grocery stores near the Canadian border, but that's about it. I'm also hoping that Majorette makes a big return to the US someday.

    -ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  4. I love these I use to buy Majorette when they were here in the US and by the looks and quality of these they would be the perfect competition for one frustrating company here that monopolizes the pegs.

    Opening doors and hatches would be great. I think Majorette has done a great job with these new and previous lines.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  5. These are all interesting additions, even though I would like to see some more bread-and-butter Euro cars, like a Skoda Yeti, or Fabia, or the new Opel Adam (both in bright colours and fun two-tone combos) these castings will make me really happy.

    I'm so glad I resisted the temptation of the ugly HW Silverado just to fill that spot! The Genky will be cool if it makes it to production (I can only find renders online) and the Mustang will look awesome in current Majorette quality. Same goes for the Nissan and the others. The MINI WRC should be sweet as well.

    I'm even happier because Chile has historically been well served by Majorette. I expect to see some new castings by early April, when school-related stuff that replaces most toy sections during summer vacations go away.

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