As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending February 2, 2013…

Another week of customs.  Remember to submit your work to or on our Facebook page.

On with it…

Our two Customs of the Week are classics.  Tom Z over at MCCH pays tribute to the Hangover with this Vegas transporter:

And Dominik Wierski shows how well the Matchbox disks look on any classic model, including this fantastic GTO:

And the others for the week:

Another supercreative custom from idi265 with his Nanoblock Dairy Delivery

Amm Minimonster

Scale-Master – HWC


Edward Moreno

Fred Victor

The always-amazing admc over on MCCH

94SS –

Dr Diecast

871blower – HWC

Kenari Malaya

Dani XP

ryanr47 – gtplanet

And still enjoying the progress on this one by At 1ness on gtplanet

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  1. Tom and Dominick – your cars are excellent. You can see that you know on the thing. I deal with sport cars but I will admit that I am under the impression. The additional plus for Dominick too inventive first picture. All are interesting and original, but this first in the peculiarity. Tom – your car is made very clean, thoroughly.

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