February 4, 2013 Matchbox Ambassador Update: 60th Anniversary & Sky Busters…

Greetings all.

Another week of Mattel-provided sneaks, and one tidbit of info.  I will try to go a little heavier on the info next week, as I have some questions ready to submit to the team.  I will keep you all updated.

Before the sneaks, let’s talk about the 60th Anniversary line.  Many of you have asked about where we will be able to find the line at retail.  Obviously the first two batches have been available by way of hobby dealers for a couple of months now, as well as sporadic grocery stores in the US, and Tesco in the UK.  If any of our friends find them elsewhere, let me know.

I am happy to report that the Mattel marketing team has confirmed that Walmart and Toys R Us will start carrying the 60th line later this month, so start looking.  So far Target is not carrying the line.  As soon as someone reports finding them at Walmart and TRU, I will report it here or on the Lamley Facebook Page

Now on with the sneaks, which are, as always, shown with Mattel’s permission.

My guess is these models will receive a mixed response, but here we go:

We start with one I am sure many will be happy to see.  After skipping a year, the VW Karmann Ghia is back as a Gift Pack exclusive, following the theme of a simple deco and 60th logo:

Next, back by popular demand (you have no idea how excited the Matchbox team is to show this to eager collectors), is the All-Terrain Crane, prepped and ready for the 60th Anniversary Line.  It is in less colorful clothes than its basic counterpart that we previewed a few weeks ago, but I will let the collectors have their say with this one.

Last, a new and very different Sky Buster model for 2013.  Say hello to the Freeway Flyer, a dune buggy that spread its wings and fly.  Kids (and the team has reiterated this is a very kid-focused model) can roll it around as a car, then rotate and pull out the wings to let it fly.  It will come in two colors this year, starting with the red and blue version:

That is it for now.  I will be back next week with more sneaks and info.

Until then…

16 Replies to “February 4, 2013 Matchbox Ambassador Update: 60th Anniversary & Sky Busters…”

  1. Ouch. I'm sorry to hear the team is excited about the crane, because that does not bode well for the near future of the product line. It's nice to see the Karmann back, but a white interior seems too stark.

  2. The crane would go well with the forestry livery. The Karm is nice to see back but ask the team if they could add some rubber for the extra green their asking for with the 60th line. The Sky Buster is actually pretty neat takes me back to when they made models for kids imagination. The wheels could have been better and less plastic but I like it.

  3. I think he tells lies, No TESCO sells any 60th anniversary I have seen, and we have some HUGE Tesco express stores locally, they don't even stock singles any more,

  4. John,

    You must surely only be doing this role for the gold bus. You surely can't be doing it for the love of the product. From the sarcasm, it looks like the Matchbox guys don't love it either. And that's the problem. The 60th anniversary range is clearly designed to fail. This shit won't sell. Only the most diehard collectors will buy that crane. Meaning most will sell only when they have been discounted to buggery. My advice to retailers, don't carry the 60th Anniversary series. You will be stuck with it and it will end the end cost you to get rid of it.

    I'm over the new Matchbox. It is nothing short of a joke.

  5. Good for you, but NONE of teh Extra stores, large 40,000sqf stores, out of town or high-street stores within 20 miles of Cambridge have any, I have had them checked out by a Friend in Ipswich where there is a Massive Tesco and TRU next to each other, none there either, Norwich has none, tried four Tesco's there.
    None on Tesco's Website (when last checked)TRU in Cambridge are blaming Mattel for the lack of product NO HW standards and no refilling of pegs for Matchbox since NOVEMBER.

    SO MATTEL, explain that, tell us why these stores are not getting the product you say are there, why are they telling us that it is down to you that there is no product to buy…

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