The Fantastic Customs of Germany’s dragstueck…

Several weeks ago, as part of the “as is the Custom” series, we posted photos of a couple of Kool Kombi customs by a collector in Germany by the name of dragstueck.  Many of you were amazed with his work, especially with the Kombi pickup with Hot Wheels cases in the back.

Well I reached out to him to ask if he would like to show his customs here at Lamley, and he obliged. 

So without further ado, enjoy…

(Thanks dragstueck)

The Kombi Series:

The others:

Lastly, another crazily creative custom, his BMW Gasser:

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  1. Those are some impressive customs, but my favorite one has gotta be the blown Nova. Not just because it's my favorite casting, but also because it perfectly captures the Hot Wheels spirit in every detail, from the paint to the wheels, it's perfect.

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