First Look: Hot Wheels ’68 Shelby GT500 in red…

I mentioned yesterday that Hot Wheels is having a little more fun with the recolors.  In many cases new wheels accompany the new color, and many times it changes the look of the model entirely.

Well look at this new red version of the ’68 Shelby GT500.  The first issue was released a couple of months ago in white with gold trim and gold lace wheels, and now the new version looks as different as it can.  Neato.

While the red version looks great, especially in signature Mustang red, I still think the white version with gold lace wheels is one of the best classic Mustangs Hot Wheels has ever done.  But I am happy to have both.

Which one do you prefer?

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Hot Wheels ’68 Shelby GT500 (2013 Mainline recolor):

2 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels ’68 Shelby GT500 in red…”

  1. I for one love that they're doing the variations like this lately. And you're definitely right that the recolor looks so much different even though it's the same casting. While the white one looks rather elegant in the white and gold trim, the red one looks like a muscle car should, downright mean, haha


  2. I love the red one. Love the color, the wheels, the tampo, the interior color. The original model, when i saw i skipped it, the casting is great, but, gold interior? and gold tampos? To ME it would have looked incredible with black tampos and black or tan interior. Thankfully, the new recolor does it for me and now i will put this car on my list.

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