The Customs of Ernest Li: Lamborghini…

Our good friend Ernest Li is at it again, this time jumping at Lamborghini and a couple of other very fast cars.  Enjoy perusing his amazing work…

(Thanks Ernest.)

Lamborghini this time! It might be a dream for all car fans to own a Lamborghini but not all can do so and I am one of them. The only thing I can do is to make all my Hot Wheels into something more realistic. I am showing you some of the new Lamborghinis, the Aventador, the Gallardo, and some other special versions. I have sprayed many different colours of the Aventador, orange, blue, green, yellow, etc……………Well, even some special colours, purple/gold, matt purple, matt pink, police versions, and even Boeing edition! Some are still working in progress, as I am too lazy these days. There was something called the Aventador J, which is the one-off project of Lamborghini. I have made plenty of them in varies colours, including the Aitalia livery. Other than V12s, there is a small Lamborghini, which is the Gallardo. Again, I have done many many many….. I have the coupe version, Spyder version, GT versions, special versions and the latest 2013 version. I had been working with the Lamborghini in Hong Kong for the HK20 project, for five 1/18 diecasts. It gave me a chance to meet Mr. Valentino Balboni, the former chief test driver of Lamborghini and I am so glad that I have his autograph on my cars. Can you imagine Mr. Valentino Balboni signing on the Hot Wheels Gallardo Valentino Balboni version? Here is a photo.

You may say that I am mad in making 1/64s, er……… Yes, I am. Some of my recent customs included here, the Rocket Bunny 86, Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, FAB Design SLS, and Porsche 918 RSR with Martini livery

What’s next? I guess it will be Ferrari. Also included a photo of something very very hot and new, the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Impressive!! i wonder where does he gets those wheels and how me makes those decals…as well as the type of paint used. I am using car paint, specifically DuPont's IMRON…

  2. Wow, these are downright mind blowing. It's actually hard to believe they once were the same cars at the pegs here. Great work!

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