DMC Model of the Day: Kyosho BMW E24 M6…

We continue our weekly look at some of the amazing Asian diecast available at Daboxtoys Model Cars (DMC).  Be sure to visit their online and ebay stores, and take advantage of their very cheap worldwide shipping.

When I returned to collecting 1:64 scale diecast in the mid-2000’s, it was a muscle car fan’s world.  The Hot Wheels pegs were full of Novas, and Chevelles, and Camaros, and Mustangs, and Mopar, and the Matchbox Superfast line was pushing its muscle cars as well.  Has anything changed?  Well, Matchbox no longer does Superfast, but the Hot Wheels pegs are still full of Novas, and Chevelles, and Camaros, and Mustangs, and Mopar, and they always will be.  Folks gotta have dem-der muscle.

But something cool started creeping in to the two Mattel ranges.  A Vista Cruiser, a Datsun 510, an AE86, a Gran Torino Sport, some Skylines, and on and on.  You get the picture.  Now all of a sudden things have exploded with 510 Wagons, Toyota 2000GTs, ’70 Celicas, Greenwood Vettes, Vectors, BMW 2002s, E30s (!), and the like.  Like fashion, either obscure or late-era 70’s, 80’s, and even early 90’s styles are way in.  Now we collectors are enjoying a golden era of castings, at least coming from the blue cubicles of Mattel.

But across the pond, it has been that way for a lot longer.  That is no surprise, at least when it comes to the j-tin.  Tomica has been producing Japan’s equivalent of the Camaro and Mustang for years, and Kyosho joined in a few years ago.  And that vibe continues, but from a larger scope as Tomica Limited Vintage and Kyosho start looking over towards the Atlantic to produce more models.  And now TLV is producing beautiful 80’s and 90s era cars like the VW Golf, and Kyosho is amazing the world with its near-perfect models of many European brands.

So that brings us to one of those, the Kyosho BMW E24 M6, from the recently released BMW set.  I have been waiting for a decent version of this car for a long time, and still hope to see Mattel’s recent love affair with BMW produce one.  But Kyosho has come through with a drop-dead gorgeous version.

The M6, at least to me, epitomizes why BMW’s stood out in the 1980’s.  Just look at the design queues.  The Simpson’s nose, the sleek lines, the thin front and rear pillars.  It is still to me one of the prettiest cars ever made, and it sits next to the 2002 and E30 as my favorite trio of BMWs.  And here we have one, looking as sleek as i remember it when any of my father’s co-workers came to visit.  It was quite popular among the locals in Paradise Valley, Arizona during the late 1980’s…

We have more models from the Kyosho BMW set to show (and you can see a preview of one of our future DMC Models of the Day below), and will do that in the coming weeks.  But these models are available now at DMC.  Kyosho and TLV aren’t Hot Wheels, so you do pay more, but DMC truly offers the best prices and shipping.  And they offer entire sets or individual models.

(Check out the Kyosho BMW set at the DMC store or on ebay…)

Kyosho BMW E24 M6 in black:

With one of our upcoming DMC Models of the Day:

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