First Look: Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS in white (and the tail lights are back)…

It appears the folks at Hot Wheels have made a decision to mix things up just a bit when they do recolors.  It may be just me, but it seems there is more attention being paid to mixing up the wheels along with the colors, as well as the occasional modification on the deco.

It seemed earlier that if a model got a recolor, that was exactly what it was.  The colors were changed, but the wheels and overall design stayed the same.  I like mixing things up a lot better.  And this Aston, one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings, is a great example.

Yes, the changes are not that drastic.  The model went from its first 2013 color of blue to white.  No side deco (which I have to think is at Aston Martin’s request), so the overall style of the model is the same.  But instead of PR5’s, this one sports 10-spokes (which I like better), and all of a sudden it is sporting tail lights and a rear logo just like the First Edition in 2010 did.  Now, the tail lights could also be an Aston request, but I am sure glad to see them again, especially on a white model.  And those 10-spokes look the best on the Aston.

So we are left with a model I think may be the best looking Hot Wheels DBS yet.  And as much as I like the Custom Cadillac and ’64 Nova Wagon in this batch, I think the black M3 and white Aston are the highlights.  Two fantastic current cars, both with the right wheels, both looking the best they have so far.  It has certainly been a good year for those of us who enjoy current European offerings…

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Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS (2013 recolor):

The three white HW Astons:

Since its debut in 2010, the DBS has enjoyed a nice run (outside of the Speed Machines model that never was), complete with several wheel variations.  If you are a variation collector, here are all nine models to pursue:

2010 New Models in silver with 10sp (common) and PR5 (rare)

2012 in red with FTE2 (common) and 10sp (Target Valentine 5-packs)

2012 recolor in aqua with FTE2 (common), trap5 (gift packs only), and 10sp (hardest to find, gift packs only)

And the two basic versions of the 2013

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS in white (and the tail lights are back)…”

  1. One of 2 favourite Hot Wheels castings ( the other ones are the Corvette Grand Sport/Z06/ZR1) One question, did the DBS debut in the speed machines series?? on Hot Wheels Wiki says it debuted on mainline's new models…anyways, glad to see this casting again this year. I already have the blue version, can´t wait to have this one as well.

  2. The 2010 New Models DBS silver w/red interior, is a classic set up. I indeed agree that even though the pr5 model, even as a rarity, is no match compared to the 10sp's. The 10sp's really accentuate the lines more so than the more “common” pr5's. Don't get me wrong; I love the pr5's, but they don't quite make it happen on this Aston. And speaking of rare, how about locating the 10sp (Target Valentine 5-packs) DBS model. Good luck!

  3. Almost forgot, but the Hot Wheels Speed Machines Aston Martin V8 Vantage could be a good substitute, even though the DBS is absent from the Speed Machines line. One could place the wheels from the Speed Mach. model onto a mainline DBS for an interesting look.

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