Model of the Day: Matchbox Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in silver…

What a fantastic pair this was.

Matchbox and Mercedes, popping out masterpiece after masterpiece, until it all went wrong.  It is well documented, but you haven’t seen Mercedes in any Mattel lines for a few years now because of a licensing disagreement.  I am no expert, but apparently Mercedes would like a hologram sticker with the Mercedes-Benz logo placed on every product that contains a Mercedes model.  That goes for both Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

At the time, both brands were riding high producing Mercedes models, like the sleek Hot Wheels AMG CLK DTM and the Matchbox model we are featuring today, the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

This was the last Mercedes model produced before the bitter breakup, and to me it is probably the best.  The casting was actually chosen by collectors after a vote conducted by Mattel at the Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends the year before.  Matchbox wanted to do a supercar, and asked the attendees to vote on one of five cars they presented.  The McLaren prevailed.

The unfortunate thing is that it debuted a year later in silver, was recolored black, and then it was gone.  The model was actually slated to be part of a 2010 Exotic Rides 5-pack, colored blue.  But that never happened.  I am sure the tool is there, just waiting to get used, but not until Mercedes decides the sticker can go.

Hopefully we do see it again.  But for now, it is fairly easy to collect.  You just need two.  And if you are a supercar collector, this one is a must-have…

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Matchbox Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2009 Mainline):

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  1. I don't usually buy modern supercars, but this was exception. And that's because of the tampos. Every single thing is detailed, and, like all Matchbox, the tampos are all perfect–none are crooked or off their mark. It looks like it could be a Johnny Lightning or something. It certainly has better tampos than the HW Boulevard line. I'm still amazed at how superior Matchbox tampos are compared to Hotwheels.
    Anyway, the SLR has great tampos, but it also has great proportions, and is a cool car. Fantastic release.

  2. damn i think that model is wonderful. I looked for it on ebay a few weeks ago and didn't find it. Now i know why…it's a shame. Maisto do put the hologram sticker on Mercedes models…but most Maisto models suck.

  3. I really cant see what the issue is, there are loads of other manufacturers out there that are happy to put there silver Daimler hologram on the packages, is it that Mattel are being awkward, or is there more to it than that, I see other small models at a small price point,RMZ, currently do a current gen E-Class AMG, that looks really good, they have them so it cant be cost, so what is it.

    I think if it is a case of them being stubborn, and i don't know if it is, they should just bit their tongue, apologise and continue making great models like the one above.

  4. You are right, i hate crooked tampos on hot wheels…i looked at hundreds of Corvette grand sport to pick 8 that didn't have crooked headlight tampos. I haven't seen that on Matchbox..

  5. I am sure there had to be a money issue also. If it's just a sticker I'm dumbfounded! I have to say I have many of these in both black and silver. However they are packed away in mass boxes. This is a great casting! I loved it the first time I seen it. They did a great job on the Compressor also. Bring back MB to MB! If I'm correct they used to put the Chevy GM logo on the packaging of both HW and MB they might still do it. I haven't looked lately…. That was Early Mattel MB, now they are doing some stuff that just confuses the hell out of me.

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