First Look: Hot Wheels BMW M3 in black…

I have liked this casting since it came out a couple of years ago.  I remember it debuted at Kdays, and I was just a little disappointed that it was in the cases at my local Kmart.  Thankfully I found it a few days later at a rural Kmart while traveling for work.  Yay.

While the model is very nice (and right down my alley), it has a bit more significance.  Quietly a BMW M3 enters the mainline, opening a floodgate of amazing BMW castings.  Think about what we have seen since – the M3 GT2, Z4 M, return of the M1, the classic 2002, and maybe the cream of the crop, the E30 M3.  That is an amazing group.  So maybe this the most civilian of the group, but it is part of a pretty stellar family.

And this version came to play.  It has never looked better.  BMW’s always look good in black, and I am happy that the 10-spoke wheels were finally used.  (If you were one of less than 10 people, you have a white version with 10-spokes, one of the more rare variations of 2011.)  So take the sportiest wheels and add the sportiest color, and you have a great looking model:

So let’s take a look at the latest M3, and then run back and look at the previous versions:

(Find all versions of the Hot Wheels M3’s for sale…)

Hot Wheels BMW M3 (2013 Mainline recolor):

With the first version of 2013:

The two 10-spoke versions.  And yes, I am keeping the 10-spoke carded.  It is way too rare to open.

The two white versions (or somewhat white).  2011 First Edition and Light Speeders version, turning blue in an enjoyable light bath.

And the 2011 recolor in red, with the rare PR5 version that was found in a handful of Gift Packs.

The family:

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels BMW M3 in black…”

  1. Thought you also had a custom of the white one w/ 10sp for display purposes?

    Anyway, this black version is 100x better than the blue. Much better color.


  2. This is a Great, Great casting one that would normally be in the MB line. If anyone cares to debate that feel free. Mattel has been stripping down MB ever since they bought it. HWs rarely ever had BMW in their line, the first one I can remember is when Tyco still had MB and HW was trying to compete. HWs are a great die cast I love them but kinda wish Mattel didn't own them either. I HATE what their doing to MB it's an insult! Insult to the name and an insult to the loyal collector. I read on another thread how Mattel is killing MB and I agree 1000%. He also says he is moving to Tomica over MB as far as collecting. I am growing more and more disgusted with Mattel and consider not collecting any more. There is no competition between HWs and anyone else anymore. Domination is for war competition is for business.
    Mattel SUCKS!!!!!!

  3. Tha lack of BMW's on MB and HW lines are due to licensing matters, not because Mattel is killing one or another.

    Just check out the recent MB updates that John posted here and you'll see that MB will have on of it's best years in a long time.

  4. I remember that Matchbox did a lovely black 5 Series a while back, it was stunning, like this, I love gloss black cars, so this will be a nice addition to the collection, if/when/ever find it…LOL

    The debate about MB being killed off, well, I see it as this, if they were killing it off, why bother increasing the line to 120, why bother introducing new product, why bother with anniversary etc.

    On the other hand, Why do they do far too many US cars, why don't they push the products harder, why don't they even update there websites, why do they make so many awful generics and why too much plastic, so there are pro's and Cons to the way things are going, personally I hate generics, I would prefer less models but better quality and variation of companies used, why hardly any Asian cars, they are after all some of the worlds best sellers, we pay more in the UK that in the US, yet we cant get them here in the UK, why is that, the question has been asked numerous times but we have never had an answer….

  5. I hope you and the last poster are right cause I am loyal to both HW and MB. I had so much excitement when Mattel took over and bought the MB brand. It was ok in the beginning but it seems they are taking the best of what they did and moved it to the HW brand and I really didn't see the need. MB always did stock versions of vehicles and HW was the Hot Rod and concept company. I hope your right about the MB brand making a comeback. I 1000% agree ease up on the plastic, even the plastic bases are to much. I think with the 20th century and the way lawsuits have gone crazy, companies are scared if a kid throws an all die cast car and busts an eye up or worse. A $1 car cost them thousands. I understand lawyers have a job to do but them and insurance companies have took fun out of life…

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