The Lamley Awards: The Nominees for Hot Wheels 2012 Model of the Year…What is your vote?

Friends, the last Lamley Hot Wheels Award category is here.  The First Annual Lamleys have been a huge success, with participation from all over the world, and it has been exciting to see what models emerge as best and worst.  But now it is time to choose our Hot Wheels Model of the Year.

Now we will admit that this is a bit of a reset.  All the other categories worked well except this one.  Originally, we opened up all lines to voters, and because of the sheer mass of models, it was hard to determine a winner.  So we axed that process.

Instead, we at Lamley convinced a few Hot Wheels experts to help us determine a list of 15 models that got a lot of buzz, whether here at Lamley, over at HWC, on Facebook, or many other sites and forums.  Everyone has an opinion, but these are the 15 that we came up with.  There were a handful of others we considered, but ultimately we wanted to keep the list at 15.  Only one category was not considered (to the chagrin of some), and that was the RLC/HWC exclusives and Convention cars.  Because of their limited availability, we did not include them.  But we are willing to reconsider that in 2013, if you think it is appropriate.  And yes, the final batch of Hot Wheels Racing was not available in the US, but many other lines were not available elsewhere, so we don’t want to restrict those models.

So here is the list.  Take a look, study each model.  All created some sort of buzz, for many different reasons.  Which one do you think deserves to be the Model of the Year?

Once you choose, look to your right.  You will see a poll.  Select your choice, and watch as the vote plays out.  The poll will remain open for one week, closing at the end of Christmas day.  We will present the winner on Thursday, December 27th.

One other thing – we are well aware that the folks at Mattel are paying attention and watching these votes, and taking note at what models are winning.  So make sure your voice is heard.

Link it to your friends, and let’s try and get as many votes as possible.

What is your choice for Hot Wheels 2012 Model of the Year?

HW Racing ’92 BMW M3

Mainline KITT

Hot Ones Subaru BRAT

Mainline Ferrari 599XX (Regular & Super)

Hot Ones ’87 Toyota Truck

Mainline Custom El Camino

HW Racing Chevrolet Silverado

Boulevard ’77 Firebird

Mainline Mad Manga

Hot Ones Long Gone

Mainline Mystery Machine

Mainline DW-1

Mainline ’71 Dodge Challenger (Regular & Super)

HW Racing ’76 Greenwood Corvette

Mainline Mazda RX-7

18 Replies to “The Lamley Awards: The Nominees for Hot Wheels 2012 Model of the Year…What is your vote?”

  1. For me it's the Mad Manga. No other car had me scouring the pegs as much as this model. It's a look at what is in store in the next few years and thanks to Jun, I can't wait.

  2. HW Racing '92 BMW M3, great to see some well proportioned Euro product, one or two others are very good, but this has it for me – Sorry Brian, but that Mad Manga, needs to be put in the recycling and forgotten about, i find it hideous, and not what a winning car should be about, IMHO 🙂

  3. Tough one for sure, ultimately had to go with the Greenwood vette, even though I don't have one in hand. Closely followed by the Silverado and the Challenger. Don't see any of these winning on here though since this is a heavy import/tuner crowd…musicvox

  4. First off have to say hard to pick just one and I'm still looking for most except the DW1. My pick has to be a new casting so I take the BRAT!

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

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