Hard-to-Find Hot Wheels: 2004 Truckin’ Transporters Enzo Ferrari…

Just one more model to show off today, and it is one that I am very happy to have in the collection.

It may be a case of two wrongs making a right.  The first wrong?  The Enzo Ferrari is one of my least favorite HW Ferrari castings.  The second wrong?  You never put flames on a Ferrari.  The result?  A model I absolutely love.

Even with gaudy flames, this Enzo could be considered a great example of less is more.  The car is a beautiful deep black, and highlighted only by simple white flames.  An instant beauty, and she likes the camera.

But be patient if you want to find one.  This black Enzo was only released in the 2004 Truckin Transporter line, accompanied by an over-the-top Mad Max type semi.  The sets stayed on the shelves for awhile, but the Ferrari set was a bit hard to come by.

Then couple that with the amount of new collectors coming into the hobby lately going gaga over supercars, and you have one very sought after model.

The way to find it now is continue to hit ebay, and hope one pops up.  One eventually will.  The Enzo in my collection is proof.  You just may have to enjoy scooping up the Super Hunt while you are waiting…

Hot Wheels Enzo Ferrari (2004 Truckin’ Transporter Playset):

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  1. I bought several of these when they came out because i love the ferrari. I even managed to get a red car with green interior… Very odd but ok. Love the black and the white ones as well.

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