DMC Model of the Day: Tomica Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X…

We are very excited to start a new feature here today on Lamley.  It is no secret that go just a little gaga for Japanese cars, and until Hot Wheels gave Jun Imai, Ryu Asada, and a few others free reign, the brand for most JDM replicas was Tomica.  Many other brands have put out a plethora of great JDM cars as well, namely Kyosho, and we have featured many Kyosho models here.

I am one of many that feels that many Asian diecast brands could have a huge following here in the US.  Plus, if you look at who reads this blog, you will see a huge Asian presence, and it makes sense to feature many models that get collected there.

So with the help of our good friend Felix over at Daboxtoys Model Cars (DMC), we are starting the DMC Model of the Day.  At least once a week, and hopefully more, we will feature Asian diecast models, mostly from Tomica and Kyosho.  That does not mean that we will only feature Asian cars.  Quite the contrary.  Tomica of late has been producing many more replicas of European and American cars, and Kyosho is doing some of the best 1:64 scale Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and BMWs around.

So look for the DMC Model of the Day each week, and it is very much my hope that your interest in these models will grow, and we can even create a larger market in the US.  And almost all of these models will be available at DMC, which is the premiere worldwide retailer of these beauties.  Felix has close ties with these companies, and offers the best prices and shipping costs all over the world.  Be sure to bookmark his store and ebay listings, and grab a few of the models we will be featuring.

So why not start with maybe the Tomica equivalent to the Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro.  When you are looking for a signature JDM car, the Kenmeri Skyline will surely be in the discussion.  Hot Wheels released the 2000GT-R version in 2011, much to the delight of JDM nuts.  It also introduced many collectors to classic Japanese cars, and I would say interest in these cars among Hot Wheels collectors is at an all-time high.  Look no further than the large number of Japanese cars in the Hot Wheels lineup in 2013 (and from what I hear it will continue to get better).

So if collectors are looking to expand their Kenmeri collection, all roads will lead to Tomica.  They have produced numerous versions of the Kenmeri racing GT-R, complete with flared wheel wells and sporty wheels, but from what I know, only two versions of the stock 2000GT-X.  One in metallic blue that is extremely rare (and I know little about), and this beauty in green.

I am not a vintage diecast collector, but my love for the Skyline let me to pony up a few dollars for this one.  I have wanted a stock version of the Kenmeri, and this is one of the only options.  Maybe Matchbox, Kyosho, or Hot Wheels will one day do a stock version, but I am very happy to have this one.  And it is available at DMC

Tomica Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X:

Together with its GT-R counterpart:

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  1. I liked what I seen and will be looking more. These are very detailed, I only got to look at the Green Light. I wanted to get on here give my opinion. The 56' Ford P/U is really great! I hope you can do what your trying to do. I know I'll be checking out whatever you post on them.

  2. Wow! I remember stuff like this from when I was a kid. Openning doors, hoods and trunks. Those were the days. Yea, I like them all original stock remind me of old MB.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. When Kyosho and Tomica offer their cars for around a dollar in the U.S., I'll be interested. Until then, I'll just admire their detail and awesomeness online.

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