Lamley Awards: Your Choice for Best Super and Regular Treasure Hunt…

Two more Lamley Awards announcements this week, then we move on to our Model of the Year vote next week.  We are tweaking that vote a little, so look for an announcement later this week. 

But let’s move on to a topic that generated a ton of interest among collectors – Best and Worst Treasure Hunts.  Today we reveal the Reader’s and Lamley choices for best Regular and Super Treasure Hunts, and tomorrow we jump into what you didn’t like, which is always fun.

There is not much to write about the Regular Hunts.  Yes, they are probably glorified basics, but then again, hasn’t that always been their true description?  They are basics, and they are just a touch nicer.  And you will see your choices below.

But then there are the Supers.  My guess is if I were to ask collectors what was their favorite new aspect of the Hot Wheels line in 2012, the Secret Supers would win hands down.  It just works so well.  Not only were they harder to quickly pluck off the shelves, making them more accessible to your middle-of-the-day collectors, but they were all great castings.  And a good variety as well.  Lots of muscle, a couple of current cars, and all looking fantastic. 

Like I shared in an earlier post, I was able to find 9 of the 15 Supers on the pegs in the middle of the day, and I have set a goal to find all 15 in 2013 (I have the first two so far).  It just might happen with these Secret Supers.  And whatever I don’t find, I can trade or find on our favorite auction site.

So with the Secret Supers being so popular, we asked collectors to submit their Top 3 favorite models, and we had a huge response.  Lists came from all over the world, and a clear winner emerged. 

So without further ado, the Collector’s Top 3:

#1 – Ferrari 599XX

#2 – ’71 Dodge Challenger

#3 – ’70 Camaro Road Race

There is not much to say about these, because you did the voting.  But all three are beautiful models, and it is easy to see why they were selected.

Your favorite Regulars?

#1 – ’69 Chevelle SS 396 (photo courtesy of South Texas)

#2 – ’52 Chevy

#3 (tie) – ’65 Ford Ranchero

#3 (tie) – ’67 Custom Mustang

Another set of fantastic looking regular Treasure Hunts. 

Now we can’t leave without highlighting the Lamley Choice for best Super and its runner-up.

Our selection for best Super is the Honda S2000.  We went back and forth between the Honda and the stunning Ferrari 599XX, but ultimately chose the Honda for a couple of reasons.  First, it looks fantastic.  The wheels works really well, the metallic blue is sharp, and it is highly detailed on all sides.  Second, it is a great choice.  This is a very fresh choice for a Super, especially since it is a Japanese car customized for racing and dirfting, and everything about the Super highlights that.  And third, the gap between the basic model and the Super is huge.  Not only does the Super get more detailing, metallic paint, and of course the wheels, but the VUM (chrome) base sets it all off very well.  While the Ferrari is hands down the nicest looking Super, the Honda gets the nod for being a tad more compelling.

Which then leaves the Ferrari 599XX at number 2.  See how hard it is to ignore?  In the Reader’s section, the Ferrari won, and votes came from all over the world.  This Super, more than any, had broad appeal all over the world.  The design is simple, the metallic red is sharp, and the wheels were meant for Ferraris.  It is very hard to put this #2.

And in case you are wondering, the Lamley Top 2 Regulars:

Do you agree with these choices?  Let us know. 

And stay tuned tomorrow as we reveal your choices for Worst Treasure Hunt….

3 Replies to “Lamley Awards: Your Choice for Best Super and Regular Treasure Hunt…”

  1. I'm ok with them but in my opinion the TH line should have metal bottoms as well as the basic. I love the wheels their using on the THs now! I like the old style RRs too but when their called for. I think basic THs should be fazed out. Nothing really to special about them anymore! I like the way their doing the STHs now gives everyone a better shot at scoring one. Make more of them through the whole series of lines which any car can be one but each car is limited. It will be harder to complete a set but hey it usually is anyway! The basic TH has no umph, no staying power and Really is not no better than the basic series cars either! If the want to keep both versions of the TH, my suggestion would be add the RRs again and on the STHs all metal with the better looking tires and rims. Their THs make them worth being wanted to be found!

    Swity's Philly Wheels

  2. And oh yea the old TH logo was way better! I understand the change but the old logo is better. If it's a super their still going to be found pretty easy. Maybe only stamp it once and maybe on the glass. Back widow, side or windshield dragstrip style.

    Philly Wheels

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