Matchbox Monday First Look: 60th Anniversary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police…

I am very excited to finally have the first batch of the 60th Anniversary in hand.  They have yet to hit retailers, but dealers have them, including our Matchbox Monday Partner MVE Collectibles.  Be sure to look into their “One of Each” program, where you can order one example of each model, instead of having to buy a whole case.

We will be showcasing all six of the first batch over the next several days, but let me be self-indulgent and start with my favorite of the bunch.  The Evo X Police has been my favorite Matchbox Police casting since it was released in 2011, and I don’t think I am alone in that.  It was great to see a Japanese car with a strong European presence get some attention on the line, and more importantly, see the sporty Evo take its place next to the Crown Vics and Chargers that we are used to seeing in the lineup.  Plus, coupling the Evo with the Subaru WRX Police makes for quite a pair.  Say what you will about the current direction Matchbox is taking, but I think we can all agree that Matchbox knows police cars (and there is a STUNNING Gallardo Police coming out if you need more evidence.)

Well the model hits its peak in the 60th lineup, sporting the Essex police livery and a full 4-sided deco, and it looks spectacular.  I would say it is a difinitive Matchbox model, with its non-US origin and UK livery.  I very appropriate tribute to Matchbox’s roots.  It will be hard to top this one, although I am more than happy to see the team attempt it.  I have a feeling this one will be a hit with collectors, Matchbox or not, so I would surely pick one up

Matchbox Mitsubishi Lance Evolution X Police (60th Anniversary):

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  1. Now that is Matchbox at it's best! My only fear is, the increased cost due to packaging. Other than that the vehicle is the same as what is on the pegs now. If the cost exceeds the product it will sit and Mattel may feel it is the models and that would be a shame….

  2. I agree that this model and the others are nice. But selling these at this price point is highway robbery. For 4X the base price you get one extra tampo hit on some models. That and a box and special BP. For the same price point in competing brands, HW, JL, GL Motorworld, Jada, you get rubber tires, metal base plates, some moving parts and a clamshell package on others.

    Selling these at the same price point as the Lesney series is a fool folly. At least the Lesney series had metal bases. But again they were not a huge success. At most this is a $2.50 model.


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