Lamley Awards: Your Choice for Worst Super & Regular Treasure Hunt…

Alright, we have already named your choice for Best Super and Regular Treasure Hunt, but why not get to the fun stuff. 

Well, actually, it is not as fun as picking the Worst New Model.  It appears the Mattel designers take a bit of pride making the worst new model list, but it might be different here.  Why?  Because this may have been the best year of Super Treasure Hunts yet.  Like we discussed yesterday, the Secret Super concept has been a great development for Treasure Hunt collectors, not only because they may be more accessible for some collectors, but because they are so darn good looking.  So instead of talking “Worst”, maybe we should call it “Least Good Looking”. 

But we asked, and you responded, in droves.

And the results:

Worst Super:

#1 – Volkswagon Beetle: (photo courtesy of South Texas)

#2 – ’71 Maverick Grabber:

And a tie for 3rd:

#3 (tie) – ’11 Dodge Charger R/T:

#3 (tie) – ’69 Camaro:

If these four choices for Worst Super aren’t evidence enough of how nice the Supers were this year, I don’t know what is.  All of these look good.  The Beetle won running away, and my guess is because it is the least realistic of the bunch.  But even then, the design is fantastic, and those white rims look great.  And the other three?  All look great as well.  Classy designs, and great wheels.  It is just that there were others, like the 599XX, Challenger, and S2000, that look even better. 

And the Worst Regulars:

#1 – Surf Crate:

#2 – Ducati 1098:


#3 – Tyrell P34:

Not  a surprise at all.  I don’t even know what to say about them.  A generic (the Surf Crate got the most votes by far), and two models not too familiar to a lot of people.  I think these were easy to predict.

6 Replies to “Lamley Awards: Your Choice for Worst Super & Regular Treasure Hunt…”


    Not surprised, though. I love the tooned vehicles (impatiently awaiting the return of the tooned '64 Impala *drool*), but I know most collectors don't care one bit about them. A lil surprised the Camaro and Maverick were on there, though, honestly thought the Focus RS would have gotten the vote instead.

    As for the regs, no surprise on either 3. Though, IMO, I like the Surf Crate (though this is not one of its finer moments) and the Tyrell.


  2. OK, the Regulars I'm agree, but $upers I like the Beetle, And I really love that Charger police, is imposible to me that the Charger is the number 3, I'm ok with the 69 Camaro, I don't like the convertibles, and the Maverick Grabber is the nº 1 for me in the worst $upers…


  3. Haha…3 of my favorites are listed there. I loved the Beetle, the Camaro, and the Ducati. But still, as stated, in a race full of winners (super) someone had to lose. I accept that the VW is the worst of the best.

    The Ducati is a must have, but awfully boring. Surf Crate I like as a casting, but the TH was also very dull. I'll tell you, the Tyrrell should be #1…tied. Certain cars are just overdone.

  4. Complete nonsense. Get a real job and stop making poverty wages by ridiculous articles. These people are the worst of the worst in our fine hobby.

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