The Error Report: The best error finds for the week ending Dec 8, 2012…

Time for a new feature on Lamley.

Over on our Facebook page, I am prone to posting my error finds, as are many of our Facebook followers.  I am also a regular over on the HWC error/vari forum, and am amazed at what many of the collectors over there can find.

So I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the best error finds of the week.  If you come across an error you would like to share, post it on our Facebook page, or email it to

Just like the weekly custom post, we will do a review of what was found.  I have also reached out to maybe the most amazing error collector I know, and he has agreed to join as a contributor.  Look for his first feature soon.


Let’s start with my favorite of the week, from HWC member xon3553:

heavychevy1 – HWC
Matchbox front wheel

six-pack – HWC
naked Monte Carlos

acadian66 – HWC

Loose-Wheel – HWC
mismatched wheels

JohnnyVette – HWC
no tampo

vic032 – HWC
no tampo

birdmandan – HWC
no tampo

And finally, the Lamley finds (although I will admit these were all over the last few weeks:
all-large wheels

all-small-wheels AND reversed window

no tampo

no tampo

all-small wheels

reversed wheels

reversed wheels

thin rear wheels

small front wheels

mismatched wheels and no tampo

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  1. Wow is that mismatch matchbox wheel for real? Are Hot Wheels and Matchbox manufactured in the same factory? If not, then how is that even possible?

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