The Customs of Ernest Li: Pagani Zonda…

Another amazing group of customs of Lamley contributor Ernest Li.  Today he features his Pagani Zonda customs, all built off of the 1:64 Motormax version.

(Thanks Ernest.)

Pagani Zonda, by Ernest Li

It has been a great fun of modifying toys into diecasts and there is a car that makes me crazy with the Motormax Pagani Zonda C12.

The journey begins with the Zonda C12, mostly appears in blue. I have made the coupe and roadster version in the beginning and I started to fall in love with the Zondas. After the C12s, it came the Zonda F, a more fine tuned Zonda, limited to 25 units in the world. There were a few in Hong Kong and the one impresses me most is the orange coupe with silver rims. Sadly the orange F was totalled in an accident early this year and it is what as a car fan would not like to see. The F was left and the Cinque arrived. The Cinque is the last iteration of the Zonda, being a road going version of the Zonda R. Only five were built and all of them are in Asia now. Glad to see that the green Cinque and orange Cinque are now in Hong Kong and I am making my diecast versions these days. SInce Cinque are so rare that only 10 units exist, including coupe and roadster, not many lucky guys could own one. Special versions like the the Absolute (Carbon fibre body with the italian stripe), Zonda R (racing version of Zonda) were tailor-made to the customers.

A new chapter of Pagani have just started with the new Huayra and I am working on some of the 1:64 Huayra at this moment. Perhaps just some respray at this moment since no upgraded version of Huayra exists now.

Hope you guys love them.

The original Motormax:

The customs:

The Huayra:

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  1. Can you please mass produce these? It is literally my dream to have a 1/64 Pagani Zonda Cinque (I'm 11 years old so I don't have much to be hoping for)

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