Model of the Day: Hot Wheels SEMA exclusive ’12 Camaro ZL1…

I should probably have done comparison pics with the new Special Edition Camaro that came out this year.  Even better, I should have done comparison pics with the exclusive given out at SEMA this year.  But alas, Mattel has not seen it fit to just send me one for free.  Jerks.

So I am left to photograph this lonely little spectraflame Camaro.  It sure looks terrible, doesn’t it?  It sure doesn’t pop off the screen.  The green is as bland as a mayo sandwich.

So I apologize for showing this bland, boring, ridiculously fantastic model.  I am glad Mattel made it so difficult to acquire, because there is no one who would want one.  Maybe you can grab one to give to your favorite enemy.

(Holy cow this model is tremendous.)

Hot Wheel ’12 Camaro ZL1 (2011 SEMA Exclusive):

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