Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Speed Machines Bugatti Veyron…

With all these Lamley Award announcements and Ambassador Reports, we haven’t been able to jump into some Models of the Day.  Well, let’s throw a random model into the Lamley studio and enjoy some pics.

And that random model is one of the most sought-after castings from the last few years.  Listings of ebay have skyrocketed, and acquiring any versions of the Bugatti now requires a pretty penny.

Why?  Most folks seem to think it is because the license for producing the Veyron has expired, and it appears we won’t see this model again.  Factor in as well that the Veyron is already a consider a legendary car, and you have a highly sought-after model.  And among all the versions of the Bugatti, the hardest to acquire are the First Edition, the Walmart exclusive in red, and this Speed Machines version.

We might all regret that we did not pick up more examples when these models were flooding the pegs, but that happens.  I am happy to at least have one to show off…

Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyron (2010 Speed Machines):

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