Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2013 ’72 Gran Torino Sport recolored in white…

I think I have made it clear enough that the ’72 Gran Torino Sport is one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings.  I have dedicated more than a few posts to it, and that will stay pretty consistent, at least whenever a new version comes out.

So far Hot Wheels has treated very well those of us that like this casting.  Three versions in 2010, when it debuted, three colors in 2011, and now at least two colors in 2012, along with a Super Treasure Hunt and an RLC exclusive.  Hence, it is clear that I am not alone in liking this casting.

With that all being said, I should probably just get to the pics.  I don’t know which of the K&N versions I like better, but if I had to choose I would be partial to this version in white.  Some people may not like the black base and grill, but I think it looks really sharp.

Hot Wheels ’72 Gran Torino Sport (2013 mainline):

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  1. I much prefer the white one over the normal blue one. Makes me wonder if they'll do a black one like they did w/ the Challenger a couple years ago?


  2. I am a big Torino fan, from the moment I saw the 1968 sportsroof at the Columbus auto show. In 1970, I was blown away by the Torino Cobra and GTs. Bright yellow and reds, blacked out hoods, shakers, window slats, GT wall to wall taillights. It was sensory overload for a 14 year old kid. I turned 16 in 1972 and I hated the 72 Gran Torino. To me they ruined the Torino. The fish mouth grill, the fat quarters, no GT or Cobra. It was heavier, slower and got worse gas milage. I thought they ruined my favorite car.
    Now it is kind of growing on me, although each year after 72 it got worse and worse due to government intervention.
    Having said that i buy everyone I see. HWs did a great job on it. I wish they would have done as good a job on the 1970 Torino.

  3. When I started collecting Hot Wheels back in the summer, the Torino became one of my favorite castings. The Torinos are openers in my collection and get displayed. I have yet to find a white '72 in the wild. I do have to say I prefer the '69 casting though. What case was the white '72 in?

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