Matchbox Monday Model of the Day: 2005 Burger Zone 5-pack 1970 Plymouth Cuda…

Now that we are going to attempt to bring Matchbox Ambassador Updates to everyone every Monday, we don’t want the other aspects of Matchbox Monday to be forgotten.  Plus, our Matchbox Monday partner, MVE Collectibles, would not be too happy with us.

So look for an Ambassador Update every Monday morning at 7:30 am Mountain Standard Time, and a follow-up Matchbox Monday post later in the day.

Today’s MotD comes from the fantastic Burger Zone 5-pack, which was released in 2005.  The pack contained two VW’s, a Ford Thunderbird, a beautiful ’69 Camaro in black (which we have featured on the blog previously), and this Cuda.

Seeing these two muscle cars in a 5-pack got collectors at that time very excited, and was a sure sign that realism was back in the lineup.  Castings like the Cuda and Camaro are interesting, as they were developed a few years before as part of the Matchbox Collectibles line, but they never made it to production.  The tools remained, and both models made their way to the Superfast lineup when it debuted in 2004.  Since then we have seen these two muscle cars released in several different lines except the mainline.  Whatever the reason, I don’t know, but quite a few versions of each have been produced in the years since.

And of all those versions, the blue Burger Zone Cuda is one of my favorites.  It looks great in blue, and I like the high stance and more modern rims.  As I was going through the collection looking for today’s MotD, this one stuck out.

And if you haven’t pursued the Cuda casting, I would.  You have a few Superfast versions, a Lesney Edition, the four 10-pack exclusives, of course this Burger Zone gem.  You can find most of them here.

Matchbox 1970 Plymouth Cuda (2005 Burger Zone 5-pack):

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  1. I agree – the steering wheel is a mistake… But all in all – Matchbox Cuda is amazing. How I wish I had it…

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