The Lamley Awards: Reader’s Choice and Lamley Selection for 2012 Best Hot Wheels Collectible Model…

We have gotten a lot of good feedback on the Lamley Awards.  As always, many thanks to the large number of you that voted in these categories.  The turnout was well beyond what we anticipated, and I think we got a very good representation of what Hot Wheels collectors really liked and disliked in 2012.

Last week we featured the Reader’s and Lamley selections for Best and Worst New Model in 2012.  This week we will unveil the Best Collectible and Premium Hot Wheels, and next week comes your choice for Best and Worst Super and Regular Treasure Hunts, as well as the unveiling of the 2012 Hot Wheels Model of the Year.  Make sure you check in on our Facebook Page to know when those posts are coming…

Today we feature the Reader’s Choice for Best Hot Wheels Collectible Model.  As we explained when we announced the vote, we classify “collectible model” as those in special lines that did not have real riders and other premium features.  So the Collectible category mainly consisted of Hot Ones, Cars of the Decades, and other store exclusive models. 

As far as the Top 5 went, it was all Hot Ones.  This line was obviously very popular with collectors, and they especially liked the new tools introduced in the lineup.  All five were new models in the 2012 Hot Ones range.

Here is the funny thing.  The Lamley Group came up with a Top 3, and it totally alligned with the Reader’s Top 3.  So as we introduce the Top 5, know that the Lamley Group completely agrees.

Another interesting development is that the the top 2 models are part of those extremely elusive final batches of Hot Ones.  The Hot Ones P, Q, and R cases did not appear in stores at all in the US.  Some were shipped to dealers, and some have been found in Australia, but that is it.  Still, the readers selected the ’87 Toyota and Subaru BRAT as the top two models.  Maybe being a bit elusive helps.  Elusive or not, however, it is impossible to ignore what great models both are.

On with the Top 5:

#1 – ’87 Toyota Truck (2012 Hot Ones):

Maybe it is because this casting is so similar to the iconic black Toyota Marty McFly drove in Back to the Future (isn’t a matter of time before we see a black version?), or it could be because anyone growing up in the 80’s saw a ton of these trucks, jacked up in the same style. Perhaps it is because the interest in Japanese cars represented in diecast is skyrocketing (just look at our Top 3), and Hot Wheels nailed this casting.
Whatever the reason, the ’87 Toyota has proven quite popular, and is the Reader’s Choice for Best Collectible Hot Wheels Model in 2012.

#2 – Subaru B.R.A.T. (2012 Hot Ones):
Now while I said the Lamley selections coincided perfectly with the Reader’s choices, there is one change I personally would make.  I would give the BRAT the #1 spot just barely over the Toyota.  Subarus have a special place in my heart, and nothing screams classic Subaru like the BRAT.  I cannot say enough about how cool it is that the Hot Wheels team decided to do a BRAT.  I bit of a bold choice if I do say so myself, and I cannot wait to see what becomes of the casting.  Basic range?  Boulevard?  Oooo, how about a Super Treasure Hunt?  I hope we see it all, but if we don’t, this fantastic version in orange will happily suffice.

#3 – 1985 Honda CR-X (2012 Hot Ones):
3-for-3 for Japanese neo classics!  Before you go and point out this author’s slight favoring of Japanese cars on this site, just remember that this vote was conducted other places as well, including HWC.  So while muscle cars clearly took a back seat, I think the refreashing selection of new models in the Hot Ones series got the collectors a little happy.  The Hot Ones line was supposed to be a nostalgic line, right?  Well doesn’t the fact that EVERY model voted into the Top 5 represents the late 1970’s and 1980’s in some way make some sense?  Collectors voted for cars they remember.  It may be less about these cars being from Japan and more about the era they represent.

Case in point the CR-X.  It is hard to believe this car is almost 30 years old, just as it is hard to believe you have aged 30 years since you first saw one.  And it is hard to believe that it took almost 30 years for Hot Wheels to make one.  Better late than never, and thanks go to Mattel’s resident Honda expert, Ryu Asada, for getting it done.  (Now Ryu, what about that Subaru SVX you are so fond of?)

#4 – ’84 Hurst Olds (2012 Hot Ones):
Uh, another 80’s classic.  Another new model in the Hot Ones lineup.  The trend continues.

#5 – BMW M1 (2012 Hot Ones):
While a new model, the M1 is the only casting that represents an older Hot Wheels casting in the Top 5.  However, it still fits into this nostalgic 80’s trend.

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  1. I thought I posted a comment? *scratched head*

    I gotta say, I'm a little surprised at the results. I would have figured the Long Gone was a guarantee top vote vehicle, and that the M1 was lower in the ranking. Oh well. Not surprised at all that the Toyota Hilux and Subaru BRAT made the cut.

    The last time the M1 was used was around 1996 in the mainline. Definitely a cool car, this version is a VASTLY different casting than before. For instance, the front and rear bumpers, as well as the lower half of the body below the trimline, were part of the base. This is the most different tooling of the retools in the line, with the Long Gone being the second most different.


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