December 2, 2012 Matchbox Monday Ambassador Update: A New Format to Ambassador Reports and 2012/2013 Sneaks…

Hello fellow Matchbox friends.  I know I promised a Thanksgiving report, and I apologize for the delay.  It has been awhile since we have shown anything new, but that will change starting now.

When I was asked to be Ambassador, it was my goal to release a report each month, and try and keep the schedule as predictable as possible.  That has proven difficult.  There could be a 6-week dry spell, for example, and then we release a deluge of sneaks and info in one report.  For that reason we are going to change the format of the Ambassador Reports.  

From now on, we will try and release a Matchbox update every week.  Our blue-card collecting friends have come to expect Sneak Peaks over on HWC every week, and we are going to try and do that with the Ambassador Reports.  As soon as the Matchbox team has new sneaks or info, they will pass it along to me, and I will distribute it in weekly updates.  That way you can enjoy a few sneaks each week, and know what to look for in future batches.  

Also, if you have any questions for the Matchbox team, you can email them to me at, or post them on the Lamley Group Facebook Page, and I will pass them on.  Turnaround time could end up being a lot faster, and communication with the team will improve.

I hope this new format works, and you will enjoy the weekly updates.

Enough of that.  On with this week’s update:

We will start with a quick update on some frequent questions asked by collectors.

Many of you have asked about getting a MAN# list of 2012 and 2013 models.  The team is working on that now, and as soon as I have it I will release it.  There has been a lot of reshuffling and tool refurbishments, so the list has to be revised.  The team is aware that this list is a high priority for many collectors, and will get it to us as soon as possible.

Some of you have also asked about the status of the Dodge models slated for 2012.  There were some delays in the licensing process, but they have been resolved.  The Dodge Charger Pursuit will move forward with a 2013 release, but the delays have caused the A100 Pickup to be pushed back to 2014.  The delay is frustrating, but at least we now know both models will eventually hit the pegs.

And now on with the sneaks (and as always, these images are shown with permission from Mattel):

Over the next few weeks we will be showing several new tools, and let’s start with two today.

First up is the 2012 Ford Explorer.  Ford allowed the Matchbox team to do a modified version of the Explorer, equipped with roof flashers, brush guards, and running boards.  It will debut in the 2012 lineup in Forest Ranger livery, and then return in 2013 in Fire Chief livery.  Look for the 2013 version in the mainline as well as 5-packs:

Next up is another new model for 2013, the Sand Shredder.  This is a sportsman style 4-wheel ATV that differs from the older 4-wheeler.

And yes, those are the brand new Matchbox 4×4 wheels.  With the multitude of off-roaders infiltrating the lineup, there was a need to create more aggressive looking off-road wheels, and they have done that.  Look for them on several models in 2013, including the brand new International Scout, which we will preview in a future update.

And we are not done with the police vehicles.  Take a look at the Ford Police Interceptor and Police Tactical Vehicle all set to hit the shelves in the next 2013 Mission Force Set:

Let’s finish up this set of sneaks with a look at another 60th Anniversary vehicle, especially to appease the sports car lovers (like me).  The all-British Aston Martin DBS Volante pays tribute to Matchbox’s origins in beautiful candy blue:

That is it for this week.  Stay tuned next week as we unveil more new tools and 60th Anniversary models (hmmmm, can anyone say “Gallardo”?)…

Until then…

12 Replies to “December 2, 2012 Matchbox Monday Ambassador Update: A New Format to Ambassador Reports and 2012/2013 Sneaks…”

  1. Thanks for the report and the photos. I am concerned that the RWR model is a bit “toy-like” compared to prior models. The Aston is downright gorgeous, though.

  2. That Aston is screaming awesome! Really can't wait for it's separate first look report and also the new Gallardo Polizie. BTW, I like the Explorer but only the 2012 version. Looks decent in those colors.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. Drool, pant pant… I'll take 'em all. As one advances in age, we're not supposed to WANT time to pass quickly… but I think time will pass too slowly for me as far as finding these on pegs/shelves. Thanks for the new format and showing the new explorer and battering ram, jtl.

  4. I kinda like the Forest Ranger Explorer. Nothing else here, though. A little disappointed to hear about the A100, but oh well. Looking forward to that Scout!

  5. Why is Mattel so insistent on pushing this off-road theme? It doesn't even make sense with the Explorer since it's a crossover now, and not a real SUV. And why is it so hard to have clear windows on the Taurus?

    Meanwhile what does Hot Wheels get? A Renault 5 Turbo.

  6. In this post, the Aston is the belle of the ball, nothing else here touches it. The Explorers are kinda decent for what they are for, but the rest of this list is kind iffy. Ah, “tal es vida” with Matchbox.

  7. They really nice Tempos ,bumper colors are a little less attractive. I would suggest sticking with basic grey,black or white and other colors to be done with that color diecast. If you don't mind me saying could do without color wheels. I just feel it is horrific. Just an opinion

    Philly Wheels

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