As is the Custom: My Faves for the Week Ending Dec 1, 2012…

Here we go again.  As long as the great customs keep getting made, we will keep showing them.  Remember, the best way to get your customs shown here is to email them to, or submit them on our Facebook Page
On with it…
The Custom of the Week goes to Mohammad Raimiey, who we have shown several times before.  His “Toy Fair” R34 Skyline and Honda S2000 are beyond cool.  The design is based on the deco from the Toy Fair COPO Corvette from two years ago.

On to the others….
DaniXP Customs


opie_7afe – Hobbytalk
old-skool-SR – Swifty’s Garage
Dr Diecast – Biante Australia

Jamdiggity – HWC (I LOVE the color of the interior)

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  1. Macdonis is an opportunist from Brazil that buys several Hot Wheels before they even get to the stores and sells them for the triple or quadruple of a fair price (even considering that some models are rare), taking advantage of people that don't know that they can buy the same models for a much lower price with no big effort. He is not worth of being shown in such a awesome blog like The Lamley Group.

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